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Bobrisky says serial enterprenuer, Toyin Lawani is responsible for her arrest

By Sewe Ishola,

Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky has revealed the brain behind his ongoing ordeal at the hands of police.

Bobrisky, who was arrested yesterday night has revealed that serial enterprenuer, Toyin Lawani was the one responsible for his arrest, as she directed her  lawyers to write a petition against him over his refusal to apologise to her regarding their last online verbal war.

Bobrisky, speaking to LIB, Bobrisky, revealed the petition accused her of stealing  Lawani’s customers.

Lawani had previously said she had nothing to do with the arrest. Her personal assistant had said: “Please she has nothing to do with that. You people should stop linking her to it.”

However, Bobrisky, speaking to LIB, said:

Toyin Lawani asked her lawyer to write petitions against me that I worked for her and I’m selling cream to all her customers. Which was a fat lie. I never worked for Toyin. She was my friend. I can’t remember ever working for Toyin or learning how to make cream from her.

Then she also said I threatened her. So we are going to Abuja because that was where the case was reported.

Before she wrote petitions against me, she had already threatened me that she is giving me 7 days to go to the internet and apologize to her which I said no way because she offended me. I think because I refused to apologize, she got the police involved.

Yesterday at the police station, I was sitting at the counter and I was told I needed to wait until morning to go to Abuja. My phone was taken from me so I couldn’t talk to anyone. I’m trying to get in touch with my lawyer and all the people I know.

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