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Do you have yellow teeth? Here are 5 ways to whiten them

By Patricia Uyeh,

A smile is not just a facial expression, it is way of letting the other person feel accepted and welcomed. It is the most in born fashion item to add to your dressing. It can only be done properly and confidently when one has a good set of teeth.

Close up of African American woman smiling — Image by © JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images/Corbis

This brings us to the issue of yellow teeth which is very common amongst people. Teeth tend to look more yellow especially as one ages. Good news is that there are quick fixes to help brighten your smile and make your teeth whiter. They include:

1. Adjust your lifestyle
Stop consuming certain foods and drinks, such as red wine, dark sodas, coffee, and tea, that stain teeth and cause them to yellow. Also, stay away from tobacco too because it causes teeth discolouration.

2.Adopt proper brushing habit
Keep up with brushing and flossing, and use toothpaste that’s not too abrasive.

3.Quit grinding teeth
Being a chronic teeth grinder can create  stress that can contribute to ageing and yellowing of the teeth.

4. Guess what?
Rubbing lemon, orange, or banana peels on your teeth will make them whiter. It’s believed that the compound d-limonene, which is found in some fruit peels, will help to whiten your teeth.

Gently rub the fruit peels on your teeth for about two minutes then thoroughly rinse out your mouth and brush your teeth afterwards.

5. Bleaching
Visit your dentist to bleach your teeth, if you prefer this route. Dentists usually use products that contain hydrogen peroxide. To protect your teeth, the dentist will protect your gums, tooth enamel, and the rest of your mouth from damage during the procedure.

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