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Ghanaian prophet declares the name “Jesus” a Roman fabrication

By Osahon Ibizugbe,

A Ghanaian prophet, Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah has questioned one of the foundational truth  of christendom, when he declared the name Jesus to be a mere fabrication of the old Roman empire.

During his interview, the prophet who is the founder of Glorious Word Power Ministry International church claimed that Jesus, who many believe is their Lord and personal Saviour, is a made up name by the first century Romans.

Rev. Bempah opined that Jesus was only a tool used by the then Roman emperor, Constantine to command love and respect from the Jews, who at the time were believed to be causing trouble for their Roman overlords.

In his teaching, he stated the the name Jesus is fake and the true Saviour is YESHUA and HaMashiach meaning “Salvation” and “The Anointed One.” According to him, the bible which aids the believe in Jesus has many contradictions because of several translations done over the years.

In terms of miracles, Rev. Isaac revealed that many pastors are only able to perform such wonders because they operate with the spirit of Yeshua HaMashiach.

Importantly, the prophet mentioned that Christians everywhere have the right to know the truth and worship the true Saviour by his heavenly accepted name and identity, Yeshua HaMashiach

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One thought on “Ghanaian prophet declares the name “Jesus” a Roman fabrication

  1. Mr Owusu, will tell us the foundation of his own believe or faith and under which scripture or history he operates. Then he will define the principles of his prophecy.

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