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Ghanaian singer, Sarkodie gets caught in between Wizkid and Davido’s clash at One Africa Music Fest

By Patricia Uyeh,

According to reports, it became chaotic at the One Africa Music Fest concert which took place in Dubai recently, after Ghanaian star, Sarkodie was reportedly attacked by Wizkid and Davido’s crew.

It was gathered that the fight sprung up over the choice of who was to perform first between the two Nigerian artistes at the event.

A Twitter user, @esineymar who shared the story, wrote;

“Information reaching me states that Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie was unable to perform at the just ended One Africa concert which took place in Dubai. According to sources, When Sarkodie was just about hitting the stage, Davido’s guy attacked Black Nana by pushing him to the floor to allow Davido perform. Things turned violent as people received slaps and blows like free Wi-Fi.

“There has been some police arrests.

The main fight was between two of Nigeria’s very own artistes, Wizkid and Davido.
Davido expressed disappointment in the organizers allowing wizkid to perform before him. This obviously didn’t sit well with Wizkid and his people as it led to a big fight backstage.

“Unfortunately, things got messy at the backstage which resulted in some mismanaged rendering Sarkodie not able to perform. Sarkodie and his crew were just caught up in the cross fire between Wizkid and Davido. The show had to end because the organizers were given the space till 3:00am.

Photo credit: NAN

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  67. je veux bien croire que ta pate sablée était la meilleure du monde…ma grande-tante faisait ses tartes à la pâte brisée pur saindoux et c’était des morceaux de fais ma pâte brisée moi même aussi, mais je n’ai jamais osé mettre du saindoux dedans… je devrais je crois !!!

  68. LoOoOoOoL 2eme apparition de Mme patate-vidberg dans la semaine et deuxieme fois qu’elle va probablement pas être contente. Gaffe au représaille martin !!!!Sinon bien d’accord avec la planche on en fait trop pour l’image … le grand nettoyage lorsque l’on recoit quelqu’un c’est pas évident quand les amis viennent tout les soirs .

  69. Ein Tipp für´s nächste Mal. Dann bitte bei der Vorankündung auf den realen Tage/Stunden- Istwert in den Pressemitteilungen angleichen.2 Tage sind 48 Stunden. Damit wäre die Blockade erst morgenfrüh zu Ende gewesen.So mancher von der Gegenseite unkt wir können nicht rechnen…

  70. Envy is the same all over the world … Here in Brazil is no different. Continue with your blog. I love seeing their customs, the landscape of a country so different from mine and the delicacy with which you treat your family. Have a wonderful year! hugs Cristiane.

  71. Here I've been kind of secretly dissing “Community” and lo! Is my mind being changed? Me thinks perhaps! Because, as you and Alex obviously know, lard, goats and mustaches are essential words to know in Espanol.

  72. O Gallo e uma anta mas a vezes faz o que e certo. Recentemente lutou para preservar o Rio Crickett da especulacao imobiliaria e das garras do Jorge Roberto Silveira e da secretaria Maria Christina Monnerat. Estes sim estao doidos para aprovar mais um projecto ilegal e ganhar uma boa propina.

  73. Doing Workout 1 + HIT today after a nice day of rest and friend time yesterday. I’m really enjoying the workouts but have a really hard time with the V Up!! I can hardly do 1!! lol Looking forward to seeing your meal plan. I always enjoy trying new recipes!!

  74. , basically:- By submitting a cover image, you’re representing that you own the rights to the image and giving us a license to use it when running Flipboard and for promotional purposes.- Other than that, you still own the copyright for your image.

  75. The city's demise began a while back, as Ed and Joe have mentioned, the city now gets to choose between control freak republicans and democrats who are pawns of the welfare state complex and would destroy the city so comprehensively that people would start moving to DetroitManhattan under 120th under 2k per month is still a dream, the nicer parts of Brooklyn have gotten fairly pricey too

  76. You are a class act, Cliff. And I may have jumped the gun in calling them a rip off. Uninspired maybe… Your parodies are just leaps and bounds better than these tees, for reasons you state, and 12 In. Remix plain looks better. It’s more unfortunate for Mighty Fine Tees that you did such a better job, and years before even!

  77. Yield curve inversion is a consequence of a supply shock in credit markets, and it can happen in a Misesian system just as easily as in a Bagehotian system. When credit is tight but the expectation is that things will ease up in a few months or years, folks with money to lend will be able to choose between lending at a decent interest rate for a decent amount of time or lending at a spectacular rate for a shorter time.

  78. Yo en tu lugar le dijera que me gusta una amiga y no se como decirle y le preguntaría como quien no quiere la cosa, si yo te pidiera ser mi novia aceptarías.Asi puedes tomar apuntes que tan abierta es y que tanto le gustas.

  79. ene04 En lo único que estoy de acuerdo con Lucía es en “Campeones”, cada partido duraba una eternidad, y ya no sólo cada partido, si no cada pase de pelota Pero casi todos los dibujos de antes eran muy instructivos, divertidos y amenos y había para todos los gustos

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