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I miss going to the market, hopping on bikes- Uche Elendu speaks on fame

By Rita Chioma,
If there is anything Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu wants badly; it is the freedom to glide on commercial motorcycle (Okada) as a way of beating the Lagos traffic.
Also, rather than delegate responsibility, she would love to patronize popular markets where she can haggle freely with market women.
“I want to be as free as air without making headlines or having people stare at me like they are watching a movie. Hopping on a bike (okada) when I’m stuck in traffic is one of those things I’ll love to do on Lagos roads. Then I want to walk into Oyingbo market to do my shopping, get fresh foodstuff instead of sending people and they don’t get the real stuff,” she said in a recent interview.
Also speaking on the myth that almost all married Nollywood actresses are unfaithful, the mother of two says its so untrue.
“That’s the biggest lie from the pit of hell. Everyone should speak for herself. That we are in the limelight and have admirers from the opposite sex doesn’t mean we are sleeping with them. Just like there are married women out there that are enjoying extramarital affairs, so it is obtainable in Nollywood and it is totally a personal decision. There are still many married women that are very faithful in their marriages and have been unjustly accused because of this general insinuation.”

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