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Pastor Chris’ newly engaged daughter and beau share photos from their engagement

By Sewe Ishola,

Weeks back, the news of Sharon Oyakhilome, who is the daughter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his divorced wife, Anita getting engaged to her beau Philip  Frimpong broke, courtesy of her mother.

Now, Sharon has shared photos from the moment, the engagement happened with beautiful caption telling of her love struck state.

Sharon posted the photos and wrote:

“YES!💃🏽 I am engaged to my very best friend! The most amazing and my absolute favourite person –@iampf! I am so, so blessed. I would say yes over and over💍 I love you ❤️🤴🏿”

Phillip also shared the same photos and wrote:

“God loved me enough to give me @carissasharon 💍👸🏻❤️ – She said yes!”

Phillip was born in the Netherlands to Ghanaian parents and then raised in the UK.


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