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Rapper, Meek Mills lawyers start campaign to remove judge on his case

By Sewe Ishola,

Lawyers for rapper, Meek Mills have started a legal campaign to remove Judge Genece E. Brinkley from his case.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that the FBI have taken an interest in Meek’s case after Judge Brinkley made a series of bizarre requests including that he drop his current management, Roc Nation, and sign with Philly-born manager Charlie Mack.

Undercover FBI agents have been attending hearings for Meek’s case since last year and are looking into a possible connection between the judge and Mack.

On Tuesday, a day after hundreds of supporters marched in Philadelphia to demand his release, his lawyers filed a motion asking for Judge Brinkley to disqualify herself from Meek’s case so another judge could reconsider his alleged violation of the terms of his 10-year-old probation.

The new motion asserts that longtime Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Brinkley had “assumed a non-judicial, essentially prosecutorial role in the revocation process,” and imposed a heavy sentence even though Meek’s probation officer and prosecutor had not asked for jail time.

It continues that Brinkley had, “repeatedly offered inappropriate personal and professional advice to the defendant, who had become a successful professional entertainer during the pendency of this case. On some occasions, Judge Brinkley has done so off the record, or on the record while attempting inappropriately to keep that record secret from the defendant and his counsel.”

Meek – real name Robert Williams – is currently in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day at the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill. His lawyers plan to file an appeal.


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