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Tubaba is not your dad and owes you nothing- Rapper, Ruggedman writes to Blackface

By Patricia Uyeh,
Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman has also come out to call out Blackface for his harsh comments about his former group member, Tubaba.
The whole brouhaha  started when Blackface in a recent interview dissed Nigerian musicians particularly Tubaba saying that he no longer makes good music.
Now, Ruggedman, obviously unhappy with Blackface’s continuous grievance with Tubaba, took to Instagram to write an open scathing letter in which he dismissed the Blackface as a sad and jealous man.
He also called him a veteran upcoming artist who should recognise that the media is manipulating him for content.
Here is what Ruggedman wrote::
My dear @blackfacenaija I greet you. I saw your little interview on @pulsenigeria247 and decided to take a little time off to answer your call.
“I have been doing my best in setting good examples for young cats and I feel great seeing them doing good. It’s sad I have to write this,but they will understand.
“I am and will always be a fan of your one and only album “Ghetto Child” that had some conscious tracks in it. By the way, i am sure you are not blind and can see that Nigeria is still not as great as we want. So why aren’t you singing everyday about it like you said you expected me to keep doing about artists copying?
“Every time I read about you on social media you are complaining and ranting. If your people around you wont tell you the truth i will.
“You are begining to look like a sad, jealous,washed up artist who can’t keep up with his fellow artists. Like you can’t make music anymore.
“An example is the fact you claim you wrote certain songs @official2baba allegedly stole.
“A grown man would hit the studio and record more of such songs like 2baba, myself, @soundsultan , the great @daddyshowkey , @realafricanchina and @oritsefemi have been doing and prove to the world you wrote them.
“But you turn town crier at any opportunity you get in front of a camera. I dont want to believe that complaining on interviews and calling artists names is your only hold on relevance.
“You should be smart enough to see that the media are manipulating you for content and turning you into a laughing stock.
“My brother you are too talented and too old for all this.You are now a veteran upcoming artist bro.Putting my name in your interview was a wrong move.
“So my sincere advice to you is face the fact that @official2baba is not your dad and owes you nothing. Let the man drink water and drop cup. If you had proof of your claims you would have gone to court all these years.
“The fact that you are old in the game doesn’t make you an analyst.Not every old man is wise and the even the wise ones know when and how to talk.My brother if you hit the studios as much as you rant, I know one good song would have come out.This is the last time I will talk to you on these matters.God bless.”
Photo credit: Stargist

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2 thoughts on “Tubaba is not your dad and owes you nothing- Rapper, Ruggedman writes to Blackface

  1. Nicely said @Ruggedman.

    Blackface may have some irrelevances against Tuface and all, but it’s really high time he mans up and moves on

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