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Actor, Okon Lagos says most marriage proposals are dramatised

By Patricia Uyeh,

Nollywood actor, Bishop Umoh a.k.a Okon Lagos, who recently welcomed a baby girl with his lovely wife,  in a video he shared on social media, claimed that 90% of marriage proposals in public were pre-planned.

According to comic actor, the man proposing fully aware that his proposal would be accepted. He also added most times, the tears of the ladies are were dramatised.

He wrote:

“Most marriage proposals in my opinion are premeditated. The man knows or is very certain to a large extent that his proposal is gonna be accepted. And to the ladies, most times the tears are just drama.

“Who will want to kneel with a ring and ask a girl to marry her in a mall in Lagos if he has the slightest feeling that he may be turned down.

” In fact it is like elections result in Africa where both the candidates and the citizens know the result before starting the process. I know say person go ask me how I take propose give my wife 😁😁 #okonlagos #okonrepublic 😊😊”

Photo credit: Instagram @okonlagos

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