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By Adesuwa Ewoigbokhan

Attractive couple cuddling on the couch
Attractive couple cuddling on the couch

The yuletide has lost its glow for a lot of people due to financial stress, commercialism, busy schedules to mention just a few reasons. It is true that no subject has ever captivated people over the years like that of love, which has remained a complete puzzle: even science has not been able to explain it.

Yes, it might have been about two centuries ago, but, Plato’s words have never sounded more true: ‘’ Every heart sings a song incomplete’’. We are all looking for true love, we may be far from it but, we never stop hoping it will happen at the next opportunity.

One annoying fact with this feeling called love, is the inability to preserve it, as it keep slipping between our fingers like grains of rice. The harder we grasp, the faster it appears to fall through. It would have been much easier if real love was as simple as A ,B ,C, or a valid list of steps to take. As we know, this cannot be manufactured, neither can it be bought or traded, one cannot force or control it, you cannot even plot on a chart. Still, true love is achievable.

The following are steps to take to finding true love.

C.S Lewis, a renowned author best explains it that, ’’to love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken’’. When we choose to share our life with someone else, inevitably we have made a choice to become vulnerable.

As Christmas approaches, does the very thought of spending it alone not fill you with dread? Actually, there are steps you can take to turn this Summer break to your advantage, so as to find your soul mate this season.

Make yourself happy even when it seems impossible especially , as you see others in pairs and you are single.

Don’t fret or stress as happiness is the opener you need to catch another person’s fancy and attention. Happy people like to be around those that are equally happy. Misery may get you short term attention but, friends will soon get turned off by your constant complaints. Just as energy attractS energy, same goes for your thinking. It takes a lot of efforts but the end results is worth it. Bear in mind the fact that you want to change things in order to welcome a special person into your life and space. If you indulge in stuff that you love, you start to sparkle and shine. This sensation can be alluring and contagious. Your charisma will enable people notice you.

Explore new activities. Don’t get stuck in the same old pattern. Change your habits. Think of those things you want to try, get involved in those stuff you might not be able to do if you were half of a couple, get out and begin to do some now.

Do consider this as self refinement period. Start a new hobby, attend dance or singing class, do voluntary jobs as well as going for social functions. For once, be sure it is something you are passionate about, as these are some of the ways to meet new people. There is the possibility you will find someone who has common interest with you.

Be self confident by believing in who you are. This may sound over simplified. But, if you have low self esteem, why would somebody else want to believe in you? Be honest with yourself, would you want to be in a relationship with a partner that exhibit this kind of mindset. You don’t have to be perfect or pretend, just be yourself. Your soul mate will locate you when you are simply open and honest.

Have the belief that there is somebody out there for you. Don’t doubt, only trust in the fact that there is someone for you. This conviction will make the difference between success and failure. You may not have knownn who this person is or they are not in your life yet, that does not mean they are not real. Have the jolly confidence and move through your days with expectance.

Make space in your busy life to welcome love. People by nature are creatures of habits. Most times, these habits are difficult to get rid of. It’s quite easy to stay in our comfort zone and focus on what we already experienced, rather than experiment what is yet to come. You need to make room in your home and in your heart to reflect the welcome that you will be giving to the new romance. Memorabilia and photographs from your past should be discarded.

If the above steps can be adopted, you will be well on your way to meeting your true love by Christmas, spend time to appreciate what the yuletide season means to you. Use a journal or diary to record your thoughts and memories.

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