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Yuletide Fever: Exciting Your Woman

By Adesua Ewoigbokhan

excited couple
excited couple

Your woman desires lovemaking as much as you do, yet  she might hold back to make the first move. Psychologist and Relationship expert,  Tracy Thomas,  says: ‘’This comes from many things, but one of them is that women are afraid that if they step out of the traditional gender roles, they won’t be seen, accepted and appreciated as feminine being.’   In  moments  like this, she feels that she may be rebuffed or have low self confidence sexually. Not to worry, this can easily be fixed:
Husbands, here are tips to get your lady in the mood.

Exciting  her  sexually  means  you have to start early: know  that enticement does not commence with removing your clothes.  It has to start way before this especially because it takes women longer time to warm up. Beginning earlier will give you a better result. You want her to crave for you, start the foreplay before leaving the house and send sexy text messages during the day, call and tell her sweet nothings, this will prepare her emotionally, so that by the time you are home, she will already be looking forward to meeting your needs.
Create a very enabling environment to make her realize that you love and accept her the way she is,  and,  you desire nothing else. This is very vital, particularly as women always feel they have to be perfect to satisfy you in bed. Make her feel comfortable so that she can relax and give in to her sexual desires like you do.

Make sure she is not stressed or under pressure as this can affect her mood. Ladies are created in a way that, if they are under stress, they won’t look for gratification. They would just want to find solution to whatever is wrong. Other  things  such as cleaning the house, taking care of the children and cooking,  sometimes,  takes the precedence. Helping out in these areas would make her happy thus,  making her ready to spend quality time with you.

Make it a point of duty to understand your spouse. Quarrels, fights and argument does not create the right atmosphere for  sex, instead it can help to push her away from you. ‘’Being right is sometimes the obstacle to being happy and often the obstacle to romance’’, says expert to Mens health.
It’s okay, if the argument is a once-in-a-while thing, but if it’s some random talk about films, politics, football, soap operas, you can just decide to give in to her point of view and you will be compensated bountifully when you get intimate.

Study her body movement in order to be able to pick up on her cues and encourage  her  when she wants to initiate. Never ignore or shut her down. Indulge her even if her effort is pretty half-assed, as she might be nervous at the initial stage that you may want to refuse her.

Let your lady’s satisfaction be your first priority. As you know, it is all about being generous. If you give sparingly in bed, you will enjoy your love making beyond your imagination. She just wants to feel loved and wanted in bed, if you are able to do this, she will reciprocate as she will make it her priority to satisfy you sexually.

Figure out her likes and do that often. If you suspect she likes something and is not talking, ask and cajole her into chatting when in bed with her.

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