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Boosting Sexual Connection In The New Year

By Adesuwa Ewoigbokhan

There are those periods when we yearn for Physical,  sexual connection. This does not have to do with our desire for sex, but just wanting the presence of another person in all his/her sensuous delights – the taste, sounds, textures, scents and inborn visual aspects that heighten the experience.
To a large extent, sexual closeness has to do with vulnerability and confidence whereas, in intercourse, we let go of our barriers and permit another person into our most private personal spaces.
Intimacy has to do with acceptance, understanding and physical attraction. Eventually, it’s that feeling of being at home with a companion that we crave so much for, and this makes the very act of sex very pleasurable.

Here are different ways to which you can enhance your encounter of intimacy in the bedroom. With the fundamental keys at the back of your mind, you can start focusing on radically defining your cravings when it comes to copulation and closeness. By succumbing to your expectations and those of your spouse, it means you can begin to build intercourse into a practice that truly prioritizes the art of intimacy.
First and foremost, a couple must know the essence of cultivating an intimate friendship with your spouse. A number of couples want to be genuinely united in the course of sexual act but do not achieve it.  This is because they pay too much attention to sex technique itself. Whereas,  the quality of your relationship  with your partner is far more paramount for feeling intense intimacy. Reciprocal trust and a sense of freedom within the relationship,  can be a prerequisite to the fulfillment of your sexual desires. To this end, invest in building a strong evolving friendship with your better half.

Know your body especially as daily stressors of life can stop you from keeping up regular and thorough self-care pattern. Pamper yourself as this could trickle down into your sex lives.  If you have not developed a comfortable and intimate relationship with yourself, it will be almost hopeless to develop a comfortable and intimate sexual relationship with someone else.
However, when you are able to explore, embrace and accept your own body. You are then better able to make known your desires, wants and that which you crave so that you can be fulfilled.
Sex can become a routine and less exciting when there is lack of communication. Communication is very important when it has to do with intimacy in and outside the bedroom. You have to speak up especially when you look at other ladies with flirty eyes, when he does not pay you compliments or notice your effort in planning the perfect outing. If you keep quiet, that means suppressing your pain. In a single instant, it does not go away, it will always come back in a different form and with other negative feelings indicating a greater willingness to give and take, receive in other ways especially in sex.

Overtime, married couples begin to plunge into the trap of sexual monotony which often coexist with a grasp of feeling safe with one’s spouse which is a good thing. Be expressive in your marital affairs of your comfort zone in a variety of ways.
When you decide to experiment and explore your fantasies without being shy,  giving  in to your deepest desires, you will be proactively adding a depth of experience unlike any kind of emotion you have ever felt.

Rounding up, partners should know that the disconnection witnessed during closeness can be traced to pressure to perform, be it orgasm, trying to be like someone else or wanting to be seen as a gifted lover. All these  can disrupt the sacredness and beauty of that particular moment.
It is easier and more comfortable for spouses to enjoy and surrender to their partner if they are not under any form of pressure to reach any kind of milestone during sexual act. Actually, this can be used as a way to experience release or feel pleasure. Those who are able to achieve this, will have a fulfilling depth in their relationship unlike whatever they might have envisaged.
In a nutshell, one of the quickest and most practical way of deepening sexual bond, is you making use of eye contact because the feelings that comes with it can be so suggestive and vulnerable, plus that’s exactly what is needed to get connected.

Most times, all you really need to do, is to remember to laugh and giggle with each other to recapture your connection.

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