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No big deal marrying an actor -Actress, Juliet Patrick

By Rita Chioma,
Fast rising Nollywood actress, Juliet Patrick Odigwe, who has featured in popular flicks like, Herdsman, Oil Land, Malawi, Sambisa Girl, The Missionary and lots more has admitted that there are lots of handsome actors in Nigerian movie industry who might make good husbands.
According to what the Anambra State born Linguistic graduate told Allure Vanguard, she is ready to make marriage to her dream man work as long as there is love and commitment.
“I have been in the industry for a while now, well, I wouldn’t want to get married to an actor, because we both will busy moving from one location to another. But if I end up falling in love with one cute one, sure I can marry him as soon as possible. I’m sure we can work things out,” she gushed.
Ms Odigwe, who can fluently speak English, Hausa and Igbo, also lamented on the struggles of being a new face in Nollywood.
“It is not easy at all. Especially the part of paying artistic fee. You will work for them and you won’t get paid. Some take your account details the payment never come. If you complain too much , they decast you quickly telling you there are other thousand and one girls ready to pay huge amount for the role you just got free.
The most painful part is that some new faces actually throw themselves easily and cheaply to these producers, directors and makerters, then they think everybody is the same. 
That was the major reason my parents had little problem with my acting career initially. Also the way people perceive actresses to be very bad, always unmarried or divorce easily even if they do. Well, everything is fine now and everyone is in full support of my new found love,” she stated.

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