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#Sexdolls: The good, the bad and the ugly

By Rita Chioma,

The subject of #s3xdoll is the rave of the moment, on and off social media and Nigerians on both sides of the conversational divide have very strong opinions about the feminine robots.
 The urge to acquire such a doll has become a thing to worry about for both gender, however for different reasons.
About s3x Doll
These dolls are made to look human and they come in both s3x; male and female. They are fitted with artificial intelligence, making them responsive.
Some men are excited about these s3x dolls because they feel it is not going to restrain them to just one woman.
The doll is said to have features as a woman and some men feel they are better off with a robot than being with a real woman.
Celebrities reactions
Seyi Hunter, a s3x goddess herself lends her voice to conversations on the trend.  According to the actress, nothing can replace the natural feel of a woman’s s3x organs, arguing that only cowardly men will subscribe to the use of s3x dolls.
“s3x doll can never be a threat to women; it is not possible because it can never be the same, hell no! It’s no threat. It’s impossible for s3x dolls to replace ladies/women; the feel can’t be the same for God’s sake. A woman will always be a woman, soft and succulent, its only men with fear, men that have complex issues, men that can’t woo a woman that will get the s3x doll,” she retorted.
Well, she also agreed that there is no harm in possessing one, but must be used only in the absence of a woman.
“Having a s3x doll is good, it can be used once in a while but it can’t take over the place of a woman, it is not possible because no matter how a doll is built, it can’t give the same pleasure, I and every other woman out there will give. It can only be used to pass time or when there is no woman available; it can’t be the same as a woman.”
For music star, Wizkid, s3x doll get a thumb down. The internationally recognized Nigerian artiste said those dolls sold for N800, 000 are too expensive and even prostitutes on the streets are cheaper.
Well, there seem to be some atom of truth in that. He who wears the shoes, should know better. 🙂
We may think its only Nigerian celebrities that have negatively reacted to the s3x doll trend, Snoop Dogg has words for those with a fetish for the adult toys.  “I don’t give a f**k about how s3xy you think the bitch look. That’s a f**king doll.”
The DoggFather also had some major advice for anyone considering joining the doll wave: “Knock it off and get you a real bonafide breathing b**ch.”
What average Nigerians think
To average an Nigerian man on the streets convinced that with the sum of 800,000 Naira you can get ‘beautiful s3x doll’ whow will not be coming up with the numerous excuses of a real life girlfriend, “Baby I’m not in the mood.” “I’m on my period.” “I need money to buy new phones.” ” Baby I need Ice cream” , plus unnecessary spendings at  eateries, bars and clubs, no nagging, no stress and above all no In-laws drama, they believe it is too good to be true.
They are keen to find out if all the doll has to offer is s3x and nothing more.
Some men reveal that they derive more satisfaction from their s3x partners when she moans and calls out their pet names during their intimate moments,  and wonder how that can achieved, considering the s3x doll can’t do that.
Worse still, it can’t actually cook food, wash clothes, cuddle you emotionally, discuss and share ideas or even give birth.
The business aspect
Some Igbo men are not also bothered by the high cost of the dolls, as they strongly believe that soon some of their brethren would go to China to order for the mass production and the price would drop drastically.
There is another angle to the s3x doll craze: “They gave women dildos and now they have remembered the men but they didn’t  tell us how we can remove semen from the belly of the artificial wives. Maggots, bad smell would start oozing from her privates in no time.  With N500,000 a determined Nigerian man should be able to get himself a good wife. Real men marry real wives and enjoy the benefits,” Mr. Nduka, a businessman quipped.
Sodom and Gomorrah?
In another news, the UK has opened its very first s3x doll brothel. The brothel, owned by Lovedoll UK, was opened to meet the growing demand of customers who wanted the chance to ‘try’ out dolls before paying £2,000 ($2,798 or N980,000 ) to buy one.
Instead, they can now check into the brothel in Tyne and  for £100 ($140 or N50,000) an hour and choose their very own plastic-lover.
If after the hour, the customer is taken with the doll and the experience, they can buy it and take it home with them.
The dolls can be designed to look like a celebrity, a partner or whoever you fancy, really.
According to reports, it’s not just men who want to buy these dolls, many women are also splashing out on them to keep their husbands happy. Really? Yes! Really!
Another report claimed that there are also baby s3x dolls, made specially for paedophiles. It comes in the size of 10 to 15 year old children.
With this latest development, its safe to say the world is no longer safe!
Bottom line…
In conclusion, we have a couple of questions of our own: Who came up with these ideas this? What’s the aim? Is humans and procreation going into extinction? Is there a particular sickness one could contact after constantly using a s3x doll without protections? Is this truly signs of endtime?
Lots of questions.

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