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Celebrities share their unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience

By Rita Chioma,
It’s Valentine’s Day today in Nigeria and other places around the world. Of course, candy, flowers and gifts will be flying around as they are exchanged between loved ones.
It is commonly believed that Valentine’s Day should be a day for romantic love but the reality is far from it, as  some of our Nigerian celebrities shared with Allure Vanguard their unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience.
She was busted by her Val’s wife-  Stella Idika
Well, I can recall any embarrassing or unforgettable Valentine’s day celebration but I can remember one very bad one that happened to a friend of mine in Abuja.
She had been with this guy for months not knowing he was married but the family lived elsewhere. So, on Val’s day last year,  unknown to the guy, his wife planned to pay him a surprise visit to celebrate the special day with him.
My friend was in the kitchen cooking for the big day and hoping the guy will propose because of how deeply in love they were or she had thought they were.
She was still cooking when the woman entered and before my friend could say a word,  the woman asked her husband who my friend was,  he said, “Honey that’s the new cook I told you about. Angela meet my wife”.
My friend was so shocked that she nearly fainted. She looked at the guy’s finger and noticed he  has his wedding ring on for the first time. She slapped the guy and quickly left the house.‎ That was quite embarrassing and heart-breaking for her.
I was disappointed- Arinze Okonkwo
I had a very bad Valentine’s Day 3-years ago. I ordered for a cake, a day before the D-day, only for me to go and pick it up on Val’s day and on getting there I was told the people have moved to Lekki that morning. I booked for the cake in their Ikeja GRA outlet. I was so worried and disappointed that didn’t even know what to do next.
Meanwhile, I had told my lady to be ready for my surprise but the cake and the drama really spoilt it all.
My husband don’t believe in Valentine- Bose Alao
I don’t have any unforgettable Valentine experience because my husband believe there’s nothing special about Valentine’s day. So I don’t have any interesting story to share.
I fell down in an eatery- Ruth Eze
This happened some years ago.  I went to wait for my ex then at eatery and a guy came to approach me for relationship, it was so weird.
I immediately walked out on him. After a while, I stood up, heading to the restroom to ease myself, unfortunately, I fell down and the guy who had approached me earlier started making fun of me. It was such a sorry sight. You can imagine that embarrassing moment. I felt like crying.
It’s my birthday- Actress Tope Sholaja
The interesting thing is that Valentine’s day is always fun for me because it’s my birthday. I always have fun all the way, so no one for now.
I don’t have any of such-  actress Tayo Sobola
I don’t think I have had any of sad experiences oh. Valentine is always fun for me. No bad or embarrassing moments so far. They all fun and ever green.

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