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Fashion entreprenuers learn how to use branding and PR

By Sewe Ishola,

Fashion entrepreneurs had another opportunity to  learn about how to improve their business and their overall enterprise at the recently held Jowy’s Fashion Brunch.

The Brunch which held at the AyoVanElmar Fashion Café centred on the difference between public relations and branding and how fashion entrepreneurs can harness both to their advantage.

According to the lead speaker, CEO of YD Agency, PR, Brand Consultant and Fashion Entrepreneur, Yetty Ogunnubi, who was represented by Kemdy Mcernest of the Mcernest Company, branding is about identity; what a business enterprise is known for and public relations is letting people know about the brand and what it does.

Mcernest also added that PR need not be continuous, it just needs to be appropriately timed.  He also pointed out that good customer service can be a good form of PR, given it’s word of mouth value and the ripple effect that can cause.

Some participants at the brunch also shared their impression of the brunch and it’s impact on their business. Oma Joseph of Oma couture, revealed that the brunch made her see the need to do more of public relations with her brand. “I have been doing a lot of work on my brand, so I think, what I need to do more of is telling my stories.”

For Okikiola Marinho of Okiki Marinho, her take home nugget from the brunch was for her to stay the course. “What I’m taking home from here is that, my brand should still maintain the high quality we are known for and hope that things will change in the economy.”

The curator, Jowy Ogbefwi revealed it is essential for fashion entrepreneurs to get their branding right from the very beginning, “to be able to have the right strategy and to capture the right clientele.”

Participants enjoyed fun giveaways from Zaron cosmetics and Smmak  creations at the brunch.

Photo credits: Instagram @1pikasso



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