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Former actor, Femi Ogedebgbe says working as a security guard in the US is more rewarding

By Patricia Uyeh,

One-time actor, Femi Ogedebgbe has caused commotion on social media after he posted a video that has gone viral, where he told youths that were mocking him that he doesn’t feel sorry for working as a security guard in the United States.

According to former actor, he even makes more than he did when he was in Nigeria. He further said he is making plans to get his family out of the country but can’t due to lack of funds.

Femi went ahead to speak on the current state of the nation saying that President Buhari has not fulfilled the promises he made to Nigerians during his campaign. He also called out politicians like Rotimi Amaechi and also the “Godfathers”.

He said, “Buhari, I don’t know how you are governing this country. This country Nigeria, take  a look at it. Are you proud of what is happening in the country? You came in with high hopes, you came in with all the promises in the world that the moment you come into office this is going to happen, that is going to happen. But we all know what happened when you came into office.”

Photo credit: Premium times

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  • Zoological_ShitHole of Nigeria

    In USA, you are guaranteed to be paid for the work you do under contract or employment
    In the ZOO, Judges have not been paid for 14 months in Imo State where the governor build statues for every thief and thug friend he has.
    The sad part of it is that YORUBA Spoonfed the current situation in Nigeria through their “SOPHISTICATED” 4th century BC Tribal Politics.
    Yes, being a Dish Washer in USA is more fulfilling than being a Professor in the ZOO called NiZooria where the RULER cannot produce a Secondary School Diploma.