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How my son made me quit taking hard drugs – Actress, Tonto Dikeh

By Rita Chioma,
Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed the reason she quit hard drugs and it is all thanks to her son, King Andre.
 In a weekend interview with Sun news, controversial actress shared the details.
On why she relocated to Abuja, the mother of one said;
‘In 2015 when I was pregnant with my son, King Andre Omodayo, I decided to have my baby, my motherly instincts kicked in , I decided to think of anything that would be better for my son , I love Lagos and I do know the effect it has had on me , I do know what I do not want for my child. So, I decided to check round the country to see where I could raise my son in the best way that I can and I found Abuja very soothing; education is great, I am not scared that my son will get corrupt either in school or with the neighbors, the neighbors are beautiful. As an actress or a public figure, there is nothing like adoring your privacy and they give me my privacy here in Abuja.”
When asked if she has totally dropped those ugly experiences from your marriage, Tonto said:  “Yes I have. Definitely at some point you heal, everybody heals at some point. I healed quickly. It’s a choice, if you want to stay down it’s your choice but strength is a woman’s thing and I have it.”
She further cleared the airs on the constant drugs abuse allegations.
Hear her: “While growing up, I did a lot of rough movies, I did a lot of movies that doing drugs had to be involved, a lot of movies that people had to form an opinion about me and so, that is where that opinion of drugs came out.
As a young girl growing up, I did make some mistakes with alcohol, cannabis and cigarettes but I’m older now and I’m above all of those things, I have a son now. I always tell people who ask me why I quit smoking “What if my son needs blood tomorrow, what will I say to myself that I can’t give my son blood because I still want to indulge in cannabis”. I know it’s one of those things I did quit by the grace of God because it is not easy to desist from.”

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