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Pre Valentine Mood

By Adesuwa Ewoigbokhan

Wow !!!  It’s february, the month of love and romance, time to celebrate the essence of togetherness with loved ones. Season of smiles, kisses, hugs, surprises, proposals, going on dates, exchange of gifts and love songs.

Gift shops are suddenly stacked with heart adorned cards, bumper boxes of chocolate, bouquets of red roses, red and white teddy bears wearing  t-shirts  emblazoned with cutesy message, this only means that valentine’s day –season of love is fast approaching. This is a special day set aside to celebrate love, especially for those in intimate relationships. Some people have already started saving for the d –day. 

Valentine is a very special day for lovers, it is that one day in the year when lovers earnestly display love towards one another. With all the hype, it is surprising to note, that most people prepare for that day without understanding that there is more to that day than the day itself.
The need to set the mood for valentine is as crucial as the day itself. To make your valentine extremely romantic, here are a few things you need to do a few days before valentine’s  day.

this is something your partner would be very happy to get. You don’t need to be a poet to be able to write a poem, your poem need not have rhythm  either. All you need is to think about all the good times spent in each other’s company; the reasons why you got married,  and you will be surprised you have a poem. This might seem small but it goes a long way to set the mood for the season. Write something nice about your spouse and keep it where  your partner is bound to see it every day.  You’d be shocked at the way the air in the home would change. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or beautifully  written, all you need is just a spontaneous line. What it means to your partner is that you are thinking about him/her. A short note: ‘’going to miss you for the next 8 hours’’ or ‘’can’t wait to see you’’. These words might not seem much but endears you to your spouse.

this is an important element in setting the right mood for valentine’s day. The gift need not be expensive. You could just get some chocolates before getting home and say, ‘’i was just thinking about how much sweetness you have brought into my life, so i bought you these chocolates.’’ the gesture is what is important to your spouse not the content of the gift. Your man/woman  would be elevated and ecstatic. This is a pointer that you cherish and adore your spouse and for that reason,  your spouse can’t wait to see you. This generates lots of emotional reactions. Therefore,  brighten the atmosphere and help to spice up your home.

Plan a get-away:
this is an extremely effective way to set the mood for a blissful valentine’s day. The get-away need not be an expensive one and need not be far or out of the city you reside. Plan for a guest  house or a change of scene for that day. With this plan in the offing, your spouse would be anxious and this creates a wonderful ambiance. This plan sets in motion lots of feeling and prepares your spouse for a wonderful valentine’s day.

Become an event planner:
plan the event you would like to have on  valentine’s day. Discuss with your spouse about what you want for the day and where you would like to visit. It could be to see a movie, an eatery, a club or any place that tickles your fancy. Plan the event of the day step by step with fun and adventure in mind. This would go a long way in making your spouse think about the day,  and set the mood in advance.

Be creative:
be the surprise your spouse will be looking for.  Plan a treat for your lady/guy, like going to the cinema or even a walk in the neighbour hood. Drop hint of your plan and get creative about it. Make your partner expectant, the whole idea is to lighten the mood of the house and create excitement in your spouse. All these should be geared towards  valentine’s day.
Wish you a love filled valentine month!


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