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VALENTINE: Cool Sex Positions To Take

By Adesuwa Ewoigbokhan

Valentine’s Day, naturally, comes with tons of pressure and expectations. So, if you are bent on indulging your spouse this Valentine, all you have to do is to let your bedroom become a temple of passion, where you can give your partner a mind blowing night out. Get him or her to the zenith with multiple orgasms.
Fantastic love making is not as complicated as you think. It is as easy as communicating with your eyes or making skin contact. But if you do get a little freaky, then try something different from your regular routine.

According to COSRT accredited psychosexual therapist, and co- author of the Orgasm Answer Guide, Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh, “managing expectations is critical to a successful experience.  Often, the things we do on Valentine’s Day, from a romantic dinner to going to see a movie, are building up to the great sex you will have at the end. There is so much emphasis on the sexual evolution that the poor boy can build up performance anxiety’’. She says: ‘’ So, a good approach is to focus on the connection that the two of you have, rather than the inevitable ending.’’
Valentine season is that chance to engage in a very special, intimate, and crazy romantic moves. The day is just the excuse you need to have that mind blowing sex.
“Setting the mood and stimulating all of the senses [sight, sound, smell, touch and taste] enhance the experience” says Sex and Relationship coach, Demontis. She suggests couples play with music, lighting, aromatic oils, or incense and even food to set things to a steamy lush”.
“Music is a fantastic tool to help create mood for love making ‘’ agrees award-winning sex worker and sex coach, Charolette Rose, but don’t forget lighting, candles and low  lights are just as important. Some partners don’t like to have sex with strong lights on, so making it dim may give you more confidence to try a different position or even wear something out of the ordinary to surprise your partner.”

Be sure to let seduction start several hours before the real act, from the very first kiss on Valentine’s Day to dinner, it should be a way to romance your man/woman. When you get to that point of undressing, do not rush into doing the act. “Foreplay is essential,” says Demontis.  “It helps to get you in the mood. It’s important that all of her/his is fully caressed so that intercourse is not too genitally focused but rather the whole body is engaged”.
Here are some of the coolest and best scorching hot sex styles to try with your guy/lady.

EDIBLE STYLE: This is a very simple, sexy and absolutely appetizing style. Sprinkle chocolates all over your spouse and lap it up. Be sure to twirl that tongue around without missing any drips.

ROSE IN BLOOM: It’s your standard lotus position but you can add a Valentine’s Day twist to it by drizzling your bed with roses, face your selves and allow the receiving partner wrap his/her leg around the penetrating partner. This movement is more of slowly grinding and rocking, aggressively thrusting which makes for very close intimacy.

SENSUAL SOAKER: Fill your bath tub with bubbles and essential oils, light some colourful candles and hop in to the tub with your guy/lady. Lather your partner’s body using your hands, and do speed up by concentrating on areas of his /her arousal.

ROCKING HORSE STYLE: This is almost as good as Cowgirl position with just a little trick. Make use of rocking motion instead of the up and down bounce. The receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner with his/her knees bent on the bed, floor, dinning-table or pool table. Simply lean forward and grind your hips forward and backward. This way you have a better shot at stimulating all the right spots as it give you the chance to kiss and nibble your spouse’s neck, earlobe in fact everywhere.

THE ANVIL: Also known as the Kama Sutra is that position where the accepting spouse lies on his or her r back with legs wrapped around the penetrating partner’s neck or top of either shoulder. This style enables you to wrap up closely, thus, deepening your pleasure and passion.

SEXY SPOON POSITION: The skin is the largest organ of the body, so sexual position with more skin to skin connection between the couples are very intimate, agrees Dr. Nasserzadeh. The Spooning style can actually be a lovely morning position to wake up together with your sweet heart. Most men wake being aroused and in this posture, he can gently wake his woman by stimulating her with his hands, while giving gentle kiss around the nape of her neck and shoulders. He is also able to fondle her breasts and stroke her body” adds Rose.

STANDING STYLE: Slightly spread your legs and lean against the wall, once steady, guide your partner inside of you by lifting one leg up in order to be comfortable. You can indulge in this style in the shower and this can be a fun challenge that you will remember till next Valentine season.

MISSIONARY STYLE: Keep sex positions simple, trying new position: it can be a lot of fun but nothing beats the classics. ‘’It’s a top- style for connectivity’’. The truth is that, exciting love making has little or nothing to do with how you can twist and bend but, more with the connection you make.
Although you might have tried all the popular sex positions, it is still cool to know that on Valentine’s Day, there are endless variations on each one. Trying out the lesser known styles can make your love life more exciting. A few twists on the classics positions can help to revive your passion.
On a more serious note, Valentine only last 24 hours. Take advantage of this holiday to head into the bedroom knowing the exact style you want to try out.  This is the perfect time to build intimacy with your spouse by trying something new. Incorporating new sex positions may just be the tip that you need to make the day unforgettable.

NB: SEXMATICS is a year old!!!  Readers like you, make life worthwhile. I cannot wait to see what the years ahead will bring. I appreciate the time we’ve had thus far. THANK YOU!!!

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