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Lagos State Government declares Wednesday as ‘Yoruba Speaking Day’ in schools

By Patricia Uyeh,

Reports indicate that the Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has directed all schools in the state to hold all classes in Yoruba language on Wednesdays.

According to the Cable, the Deputy Governor Idiat Adebule, passed the directive across to Public School principals and head teachers in a meeting, declaring Wednesdays “Yoruba Speaking Day” which would also involve the National Anthem too being sung in Yoruba Language.

She said:
“Gov. Ambode wants me to pass this message to you, that henceforth, Yoruba language be made compulsory in both private and public schools.

“The national anthem must be sung in Yoruba on a daily basis too.

“The Egbe Akomolede has done the translation and we will send the copies of the Yoruba version to your schools by Monday so you can begin to teach the students.

“I have also met with the owners of private schools and we have relayed this directive to them.

“We are also considering translating the textbooks of other subjects into Yoruba Language because I believe that when students are taught in their mother language, learning will be easy and their level of performance will improve.

“The state government is passionate about this Law, so we do not lose our language, culture and heritage.”

The deputy governor appealed to all present to support the Lagos State government’s Yoruba Language Preservation and Promotion Law.

Photo credit : The Cable

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51 thoughts on “Lagos State Government declares Wednesday as ‘Yoruba Speaking Day’ in schools

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  2. This is state government that is so greedy for IGR for the pockets of rogues such as Tinubu. It is so bad that you are taxed through your nose to own a house, you pay through your nose to use public roads. The fraud was so brazen that a state law mandated hard earned peoples moneys to be paid to the account of the devious god father’s account. Meanwhile, lots of the state civil servants that know the evil happening, that are piqued by the brazen corruption are so muted since they have been enslaved.

  3. Mark my words. This is the beginning of the decline of Lagos State. What a fascist regime. I no longer fancy Ambode as a reasonable person. Or perhaps he is too cowardly to oppose the retrogressive forces.

  4. After developing Lagos you now want to restrict people’s free will language use.
    Many cities built by foreigners but taken over by tgr so called indigenes was later found to be destroyed by the mass exit of those who built it.
    I pity ambode and his new language policy, very soon, they will know that the strongest and most developed mega city on earth was built either by foreigners from the scratch or by indigenes from the scratch.
    Those built by foreigners ‘re allowed yo continue flourishing while those built by indigenes ‘re also allowed to maintain the cultural foundation upon which the city was built.
    Pity and sorry for what will befall Lagos in the future because, Yorubas ‘re damn lazy and cannot sustain the level of development already on ground come what may.
    The only way this so called language thing can work partially is if the entire south west is declared Oduduwa nation
    Still Lagos will even make laws that will encourage more development extending to other neighborhood states like Ogun or Ibadan with an indirect channelling of foreigners resources to those state without rigid laws or forced laws.
    Yoruba must think Oduduwa nation that will be run by its tradition and culture, which is JUJU worship away from the hypothetical Islamic religion that have taken over 80% of Yoruba land by force of conquest.
    Christianity which is 20% will easily fizzle out and these is to make room for the Ambode’s dream of keeping their language, culture and tradition intact.

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