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Allure Tips: How to deal with excessive sweating

By Patricia Uyeh

Living in the tropics, excessive sunlight is not alien to us. Even though, it is source of Vitamin D, which is good for the body, excessive sunlight results to discomfort and sweating.

So how do we handle sweating profusely? Here are useful tips to help you deal with this:

1. Wear light clothes such as cotton amd silk that would absorb heat and allow sweat escape.

2. Do invest in using mild antibacterial soap when taking a shower. Then, apply antiperspirant on clean, dry skin.

3. You might want to consider a change in your lifestyle particularly if you are overweight. It has been observed that excess weight, nicotine addiction, alcohol abuse, caffeinated drinks and too much spicy food causes sweating.

4. Lastly, manage your emotions and stress levels by taking breathing practices, having warm baths, practising yoga and listening to soothing music.

Photo credit: shapemagazine

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