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Etcetera takes his criticism to America in New Single

By Rita Chioma

Controversial critic and singer, Pascal Uche Ejikeme popularly known as Etcetera is finally back in music after 8 years break.
Etcetera, Nigerian-born singer, songwriter, and social activist whose passion for the common man shines through his lush melodies and haunting images, took his passion for social justice from Nigeria to America in his trademark rich song lyrics.

The singer is making the grand comeback with the single released in the United States titled ‘No virgin In America’.
The song, he says talks about the hypocrisy of the American system.
“The song centers on America preaches good rules from one side of her mouth and encourages extol promiscuity from the other.
How the American currency with “In God we Trust” written boldly is being used to spread chaos in different parts of the world.
A country which boast of a beautiful statue of liberty which has deprived a section of its citizenry the liberty to vote.”
He continued, “Living in the United States for just over two years has opened my eyes to her hypocrites.”

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