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Late pop icon, Michael Jackson’s ‘moonwalk’ shoes up for auction

By Patricia Uyeh

Just as the ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance has been linked to Nigerian musicians, the famous ‘moonwalk’ dance has been linked to late pop icon, Michael Jackson.

According to reports, those shoes worn by Michael Jackson when he first showed off his famous moonwalk dance are to be sold at an auction.

The auction would be takingn place on 26 May at the Hilton in Universal City, California.

The black loafers ,which has “Michael #2” inscribed on them, were used in 1983 for the Motown 25 television special rehearsal with his song- Billie Jean.

Speaking on this latest development, Auction house -GWS Auctions said: “Photos found in archives show Michael Jackson wearing them during the rehearsal.

“These loafers have never been offered at auction, and are the first pair of Motown 25 shoes that have ever been made available to the public as, to our knowledge, no other pair has surfaced in over 35 years.

“It is possible that Michael also wore these shoes during his performance on the special, as according to the letter of authenticity he referred to this pair as his ‘magic shoes’ and a pair of performance shoes has never surfaced.”

Photo credit: skynews

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