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7 health problems associated with sitting for long hours

By Patricia Uyeh

Perhaps you belong to the groupof people who have a sedentary lifestyle because of the nature of their work; after exchanging greetings and pleasantries with co-workers when you get to the workplace, you go to your seat and stay glued until closing time.

Then it might interest you to know that there are certain health problems associated with this sedentary lifestyle. They include:

1. Stiffness of the neck and shoulders

2. According to research, people who sit for too long are vulnerable to diabetes. Sitting for too long increases insulin resistance which results to diabetes.

3.Sitting for too long can make the hips tight and contract. It can causes discomfort around the hips.

4. Sitting for long hours can make the brain ineffective. It also results to fatigue, lack of motivation and migraine.

5. Running, walking , exercises generally strengthens the bones and body, sitting for long hours does the reverse, it weakens the bones and body.

6. Sitting for long increases risk of cancer.
A German meta-analysis concluded that people who sat for the longest period each day were 24 percent more likely to develop colon cancer than those who took breaks.

7. It can result to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) ,which is a condition where the blood clot develops within a deep vein in the body, usually in the leg. When part of this clot breaks off, it can block the flow of blood to other parts of the body such as your lungs. This is quite risky and life threatening.

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    12. Great job Nancy!! We met on Brag a time or two, you always seemed to be passing me. I’m suprised you still plan to do BRAG this year after this trip. I’ve always wanted to do a trip from Alpine TX down to Big Bend National Park. If you get a break, send me an e-mail about what the country is like there. (Day/night temps, traffic, terrain, etc. Thanks and good luck.

    13. Finally an honest discussion about some of these fund raising catch phrases. You gotta be kidding about SK copyrighting “the cure.” Unfortunately there are many who unknowingly believe these catch phrases like “the cure.” I’m told that it gives patients hope and of course enlists them in these patient driven pyramid fundraising schemes. What is wrong with the truth? Yeah, I have one of those terminal illnesses for which “the cure” is bantered around like snow flakes in a blizzard.

    14. that, the scarlett letter people seem to be placing on women like Sienna, Angelina, and Kristen is overly harsh. All of these women did a bad thing but they also have other traits that are admirable and all have moved on. Let’s try to look at the whole person when we cast judgment.

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    16. Awww… Thanks for the mention, Holly Loved the pictures! We were in India for a couple of months a few years ago, and although we did get to travel a bit around Bangalore, where we were staying, Goa was one of the places we didn’t get to (along with Chennai, which I hear is also fantastic). It’s on the to-do list Thanks for sharing!

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    16. I like your start. For someone like myself who have been on a few tours and have shared stories with others, yours has me more intrigued already. I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Keep it up. Thank You for sharing.

    17. Had the same order. I’m fairly certain the experimental is usually in the first half of the test (within the first three sections), that way the scored sections are evenly split between the two halves and the experimental section serves its secondary purpose of wearing test-takers out…but as with all things about the LSAC, it could have been different this time.

    18. Mate, did … @cojobo34 Mate, did you watch the video? It’s a simple tesla invention been around for while now yo. Me, I’m sick of people that cant do a quick search and some reading rather than waiting for someone else to clean their butt for them. C’mon man, what your really angry at is the fact that free energy should be everywhere and it’s heartbreaking to think that greed is the only thing stopping it.

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    20. In no way to belittle your experience with a cult movie reference…but I can’t resist:”If you don’t believe in a god that’s your business—but you’d better find something to believe in.”- shades of Shepherd Book from Serenity

    21. pseudo dit :Rien à attendre des " tourne vestes ". Ils saisissent la moindre opportunité et ne sont pas dignes de confiance. Reste à espérer qu'ils se sont grillés…pour très longtemps et qu'ils seront tenus à l'écart de toute "responsabilité" politique !!!

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    5. I feel the same way about Chick-Fil-A. I used to totally not get it. The sauce didn't get me…the service does. I love how attentive they are and when they say "My pleasure." when I say, "Thank you." I just can't help but smile!

    6. L’autora oblida que Catalunya ja era una nació segles abans de ser abandonada per nacions aliades europees i vençuda per España i França (els Borbons) i ocupada pels castellans el 1714. Des d’aleshores ha estat ocupada i sempre dominada per una població (i votants, quan ha estat el cas) superior més de cinc cops en nombre, i aquesta dominació els porta a patir l’espoli de les seves riqueses ara i des d’aquell 1714.

    7. « Mais, le prochain pas est la négociation entre Obama et les leaders démocrates pour trouver d’ « assurances »… »C’est pas encore fait !? Ouille, ouille, ouille… Vous me faites peur. C’est le point qui aurait du etre etudie en premier. Suivi d’une decision de fermeture ou non. Car desormais, Barackounet est tenu de fermer. « Assurance » trouvee ou pas. Et a terme annonce qui plus est.

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    10. heisan!Tittet innom her og ble sÃ¥ inspirert. Herlig blogg du har.For en kul cafe!!!Der har jeg ikke vert enda, selv om jeg kommer fra rundt dem traktene, har jeg ikke vert i Bergen pÃ¥ lenge…nÃ¥ ble jeg veldig nysgjerrig..En annen bra cafe i Bergen kalla VÃ¥gen some er en av mine favoritter der, litt samme stil…hørt om den?Klemeldrid

    11. Not bothering to comment on vids as it is a complete waste of time. If any of my friends read this – I am not ignoring you if you havent had a comment lately! But hey at least we are getting lots of views as we have to watch our own vid to read the comments!

    12. MGD, La meurtrière cruciforme vous donne raison : ♀ Pour le merlon, je vous laisse ramer, sachant qu’il désigne « la partie pleine au sommet d’un rempart, entre deux créneaux qui eux sont donc les espaces vides ».

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    14. you go to group meditation? OK girl it is high time you move down to LA- all we do is yoga and pilates, not all that spiritual shit! Haha, if only our peeps in Indy could see us now? I love how you keep your roots boo. Midwest 4ever! What does RSTLNE mean?

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    7. Ashley: I can see you not liking Bananarama, but I don’t see how you can dis the ‘Twins on this list. I mean, ALMOST EVERY PERSON I KNEW in high school owned at least one Cocteau Twins album, and you can hear their influence in so many bands today. Heck, “dream pop” as a genre exists today mainly due to the Cocteau Twins! 🙂

    8. C’est pas tant de la mauvaise foi que ca … en tout cas je n’aimerai pas etre a la place de boutin en ce moment. J’avais entendu le chiffre deja faramineux de 9500 euros par mois … mais 18000 , 18 000 !!! dix huit mille ahhhhh

    9. I’m glad you found some constructive criticism in your endeavor.I didn’t read any of the other submissions (there is only so much time in the day!), but I’m surprised to hear that anyone would try to cram a full chapter into a mere 250 words in order to submit to that site. I would think something would suffer there.

    10. Voilà qui est un chouette anniversaire !Moi, mon nouveau boulot ne me permet pas de vivre (heureusement que mon mari est là mais bon, au pire, je peux toujours retourner vers l'enseignement )mais au moins, ça me plaît !Et je trouve ça top de bosser depuis chez toi, j'y vois plus d'avantages que d'inconvénients.

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    13. A mandate is making a decision and then acting on it to bring it about. All I’m seeing now after Obama’s re-election is lots of paid national progressive pundits recycling the obvious. We need to hold Obama accountable for “change”. We need a national movement. Yet, nobody will set aside their egos to form a common front to do this. Do we really need another book that restates the obvious (the neocons are evil, Obama is continuing many of Bush’s policies, and so on)?

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    15. Le sectarisme de certains commentateurs, incapables de prendre une planche de BD à la légère, voire critiquant l’esthétique de la planche avant de révéler clairement que leur problème est politique, est desespérant. Lâchez-donc Martin, laissez-le libre de faire ce qu’il veut, et décompressez un coup : ce ne sont pas ces planches qui vont changer l’image de Sarko.

    16. Vad härligt – att du är lycklig! Och lediga dar mitt i veckan, det är min melodi det! Och jag hÃ¥ller med, dÃ¥ skall det fixas lite, även om jag även kan sätta mig med en bok eller nÃ¥t annat slappt – ocksÃ¥.

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    20. Just bring our guys home. We don’t need them over there. We need them defending both ends of the border as we should have been doing before we were tricked into going half way around the world for a pair of phantom wars.

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    3. Aber warum hängen wir da so hinterher? Schliesslich geht es in den USA oder in GB ja auch? Und gerade die USA waren unter der alten Administration ja für ihren Geheimhaltungsdrang bekannt. Wie meinen sie das mit ” nicht wirklich in den Köpfen angelangt”? In der Bevölkerung oder nur in der Politik?

    4. Amigos, yo no creo que Madrid sea una de las mejores ciudades para vivir, yo no la conozco pero por comentarios de amigos, de la prensa y familiares, creo que la gente de alla es muy grosera y racista, además la comida es cara.Ojala tuviera otra opinion por que es muy rica en cultura, pero no hay calidad humana en ese pais en general

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    12. Le Prix Marcel Duchamp n’a jamais prétendu être attribué à des artistes « se plaçant dans la lignée de Duchamp »; c’est simplement son nom. Même si pour les français du monde de l’art Trouvé est déjà (très) connue, le prix 1) récompense son travail, ce qui est mérité, 2) lui apporte une reconnaissance notamment internationale bienvenue.

    13. Salut Fab, effectivement ce régime a définitivement changé ma manière de m’alimenter. Je suis maintenant effaré de voir à quel point les mangent beaucoup trop de féculents (blé, pommes de terre, riz) par rapport à leurs besoins alimentaires. Tout ça par peur de manquer d’énergie. Et au fil des années l’embonpoint vient lentement mais sûrement.J’ai perdu 4 kilos en 2 mois avec ce régime, je viens de retrouver les photos que j’avais prises après il faudrait que je les publie un jour

    14. Bravo pour la playlist ! Elle est vraiment pas mal (et même pour Noah. Tout le monde a ses faiblesses musicales… et c’est courageux de les assumer !!) Je voulais juste te conseiller une petite chanson qui entre dans la catégorie des mélancoliques (et qui est mon coup de coeur du moment), libre ? toi d’aimer ou pas : c’est "Jimmy" de Moriarty. Et continues nous cette superbe liste !

    15. In my own work, one novel takes thirty pages to understand the story.The leading pages may (hopefully) evoke the reader to continue, but I would wish them to read on to thirty pages to get a sense of that story. ~~In another (very different) work, the first thirty (30-ish )pages are more accessible reading throughout.It includes the prologue, introduces the main characters, and begins the story challenge. Again, it is just about what I think would be enough too.

    16. Misschien is systeem 2 bij mij niet zo actief, maar kan iemand mij uitleggen waarom de bal 5 cent kost? Dat staat namelijk niet in dit artikel. Ik kan logisch beredeneren dat de bal in ieder geval niet meer dan 10 cent kost. In mijn intuitief logische gedachte kost de bal 10 cent als de knuppel 1 dollar duurder is dan de bal en ze samen 1,10 dollar kosten.

    17. ハイジさん、こんにちは。40歳、1歳の息子がいます。不妊治療は辛いですね;_;私の場合は、友人の配慮のない子供自慢が一番辛かったです。それと、主人がデリケートな人で、子供はほしいのに、治療にはあまり協力してくれず(できず?)、それも悩みでした。最初はタイミング療法だったのですが、次回あたりから人工授精へのステップアップになりそうという時期に、ある決断をしました。主人の性格を考えると、精子を病院に持参…は無理だなと思い、ステップアップを言われた段階で諦めようと思ったのです。その矢先に、先生の排卵予測ミスがあり、自分たちでタイミングを計ったところ、奇跡の妊娠。先生には「たいしたもんです」と言われました。今思うと、その時期の私は肩の力が抜けて、リラックスしていたんだと思います。先生にも、諦めた時とか、お休みすることを決めた時にふっと授かること、多いんですよね。おそらく主人もリラックスしていたんだと思います。予測ミスとわかった時には拍子抜けしました。先生がとても明るい方だったので、みんなで笑いました。私たち夫婦に子供が必要なら授かるし、授からなければ必要ないってことだろう、と不思議と、そんな穏やかな気持ちになっていました。子供がいないと、経済的にも時間的にも余裕のある暮らしができるのは確かです。ワンランク上の暮らしの中で、穏やかにゆとりをもって暮らす、それもいいなと思っていました。もちろん、子供がいる今、とても幸せです。でも、そうでない人生がどうだったかは、今となってはわかりません。主人と寄り添ってステキな日々を送っていたのではないかと想像します。(余裕がなくなったせいか、子供が生まれてから、主人との衝突は増えましたので^^;)妊娠は、精神面も大いに関係するように思います。お母さんが追い詰められていたら、子供も安心して生まれてこれない面もあるような気がするのです。受験と違って、自分が努力したら結果が(ある程度)出るというものではないのが、本当に辛いですよね・・・ハイジさんが、少しでもリラックスして、楽しく毎日がすごせますように。そして、一日も早くコウノトリさんがやってきてくれますように。1f42

    18. Wow your record company gave you a Mini Cooper as a sign on bonus? WOW! How can I sign on? I want my debut song to be “The World and Me” maybe they’ll treat me to an “Around the world trip”…haha.

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    3. Quote from Hydra: "The problem is not that regulations do not work or cannot work."The problem is regulations are coercion and force used by self-interested individuals to manipulate and conviscate the property of others to their own benefit.

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    5. le volcan » de Malcolm Lowry, en édition Folio chez Gallimard: tout y est, l’amour, l’exil, l’horreur etc. Mais, attention, c’est un chez-d’oeuvre dangereux comme l’auteur lui-même l’annonce dans sa préface à son lecteur: il l’a vécu à ses dépends. BàV.

    6. la cosa piu bella è che ferrara ha dovuto chiedere la maglia a cavani per portarla ai figli………pover uaglion secondo me ogni giorni dice ai figli….”bell e apà la vuoi una maglia di pirlo? no! di quagliarella? no!! papà vogl chell e cavani!!fantastico ludo!!

    7. I see Mc Canns have had their staff voting. Renders the whole thing rather meaningless that doesn’t it? Well done Jeremy Craigen. Definately top 3 in my book but he’s a bit too traditional to be number 1 tbh

    8. Re: Miami Supporting CastI’m pretty sure everyone who thought (or pretended to think) the Heat wouldn’t get serviceable role players to play with “Miami Thrice” (they need to do a better job on that nickname) was just a frightened Lakers fan on this site. Although I am worried Miami hurts the Lakers chances of winning a 3rd straight championship… I as a capitalist am looking forward to the Lakers now looking to improve their roster in hopes of keeping pace with this new dream team. And as a fan I am looking forward to one of the best NBA Final matchups potentially (based on talent) of all time.

    9. 5:50 pm, October 16, 2012|I am going tomorrow to see it 3pm!? I do not think this will scare me. Part 3 for me was the best- I was shitting bricks for hours! However, the finale completely destroyed everything that was spooky and unclear.However, this clip does not make me excited of seeing this and the reviews so far have been mixed.. See how this one goes

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    3. My creative goal number one is to make a written plan for organizing my studio, then rearrange the room to make it easier for me. Number two is to try a new technique or product every month….and number three is to post to my blog more often….and I can’t forget number four….to finish my DaVinci book class…lol!

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    5. SHE in China – Yeah, some stories are so bizzare and just do not make any sense at all. I just assumed they missed out many key facts!Sue – Thanks, but I do not need to read a book to get one author’s perspective on China. I LIVE in China!Shopgirl – So how come you’re okay walking alone now?Josh – Yep, grain of salt is exactly right.

    6. Philip, you’re right. My soul weaving with Charu has been long and rich and there have been the stories that have been attached to every relationship I have ever been in as a result of my early background. Unfortunately, despite how deep we have gone together, which has been remarkable (!), there was really only so far I could go. Here now exists more territory to explore within myself so I can bring more of the best of me now newly unattached to that sack of rocks.

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    9. Jefferson Davis (when he was sec. of War) was in charge of the Capitol construction and its decorations. It’s why the statue of Columbia on top of the capital isn’t wearing the cap of freedom (the cap slaves wore when they were freed in Rome) Davis objected to Crawford’s original design. So a helmet was placed on the statue instead.

    10. “Because people who talk to imaginary friends are a wee bit suspect to the people who realize that it is a bit abnormal to talk to people who don’t actually exist and ask them for advice.”Must…resist….making joke about….George Bush….getting advice from God. Must….fight it!Ah hell with it. So how does that square with GWB claiming God told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and why should we not therefore consider him totally nuts?

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    13. I love the part where you throw the guts at your kids!! I could hear them from here! Quinn would get all righteous and tell you it wasn’t funny, as he slips behind Conlon. Harley would probably be examining the way they slide down the wall. Good job girlfriend, good job!

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    18. Cool, sounds great if true, but I’m a bit skeptical, mostly about the 10 characters, branching levels and next gen consoles parts. Although if it is true and Sonic Team do it right it will probably be a great game.

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    2. Damn near perfect match! Love me some Keith and those photos! He sure looked good. We used to do the same thing to our jeans, back in high school (early 70's…yikkies!)And when the jeans got too trashed, we'd cut the legs off and make shoulder bags out of them.

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    7. We moeten van de dezelfde generatie zijn, ook ik heb La dentièllere als tiener gezien, maar Joy Division heeft toentertijd geen indruk op me gemaakt. Niet dat de muziek niet wonderschoon is en ik vond de film Control van Anton Corbijn geweldig. Nee, ik was ‘into’ Prince en nog steeds … vanavond in het Gelredome. Het zal weer laat worden (kreun) maar ik heb het er voor over.

    8. 9-3-2008 gay: si esos son los amigos invisibles… y no, no desentonan para nada… la amalgama de grupos es diversa, pop (ZOE) rock pesado, hip hop, regae, y lo que tocan los amigos invisbles es FUNK… y de los mejores en latinoamerica a mi parecer…

    9. Google could include an online tool to transcript videos (and later add them to the captioning feature). Also, links to GFDL translations of the original text could be added by other users (so, to spread the message in the video).

    10. Brilliant! Loved “The Brave”. It was funny, charming and really well animated. I’m a Scotsman and happen to have an obsession for all things bear so this was right up my alley. A warning for those of you with small kids though… there are a few “scary”, crazy bear moments.

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