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Actress Mercy Johnson reveals why she wants more babies

By Rita Okoye


Delectable Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie, who doubles as the Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture to Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, has paid her full dues in the industry and indeed deserves some Accolades!

In a recent interview, when the mother of three was asked if she is expecting another baby anytime soon, she had this to say: “Sure. Very soon, I’ll have more babies. I’m obsessed with children. While growing up, I always had it in mind that I’ll have four children. So, we still need one more to complete it (laughs). So, we can always play football correctly, 3 boys, 3 girls.”
On how she copes with her home front and duty roles as the SA to the Governor, she says family always comes first;” Well, it has not been easy but I’m a home girl. There are priorities. God comes first, then family and other things follows.
Definitely the family has to be settled before we talk about work.
When I am not happy at home, then I can’t function properly in whatsoever capacity. God, family then others, it works well for me that way.
As we are here right now, if I get a call from my children’s school about anything, I’ll push your phone away and run off (laughs).”
Well, the actress also confessed that she favours her female children more than the boy,”Yes, people tell me that a lot. But I think my son is more inclined to his dad. The guys roll, then the ladies roll (Laughs).
The girls roll like me, you know snake can’t birth fish, but my husband is a very quiet person and my son is just like him. When its time to make noise, my team roll along.””



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