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Actress Yvonne Okoro reacts to bleaching skin rumours 

By Rita Okoye

Nigerian-born Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Okoro has denied she is bleaching her skin as alleged by her critics.

In an Instagram post, she made it clear that she hasn’t joined the bleaching gang and that all the changes in her complexion are courtesy of light and makeup.


Yvonne Okoro wrote: All the Skin Police on IG,just so you know,i havnt bleached its the light n makeup..Direct all comments abt my makeup to www***.com ..Hair by @oh_my_hairr suit @duabaserwa pic @swagofafricanews ..Happy Mothers Day😁😉

Recently, the 36-year-old single lady spoke on why a lot of female celebs find it difficult finding true love. According to her, most men are either coming because of their fame or money.

Yvonne Okoro said, “A good number of celebs are single because they are confused as to who to accept in their life. You see, you are not sure if the person is coming in because of your fame and money or the person wants to be with you because of real love”.

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