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Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti lambasts ‘yahoo boys’, calls them ‘mugus’

By Patricia Uyeh

Seun Kuti, son of Afrpobeat legend, Fela has voiced his opinion on the recent internet fraudsters aka yahoo boys and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) saga.

According to him, the ‘yahoo boys’ are acting unwisely. While lambasting them, he said they should have used the money they got from duping the unsuspecting victims to develop their communities rather than acquiring new assets like designers wears and others.

See his post below:

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One thought on “Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti lambasts ‘yahoo boys’, calls them ‘mugus’

  1. Okay! I have been reserved about this so called yahoo of a thing (internet fraud) but a comment made by Seun Kuti was by far the most irritating. One would think that age came with wisdom, but obviously it doesn’t in some people. How can you call yahoo boy MUGU for making money and buying expensive things made by white men? I have one simple question for you Mr. Seun Kuti to measure your stupidity. What Nigerian made product do you make use of? If you have a car, was it made in Nigeria?, the clothes you wear, are they all made in Nigeria? The wines you drink, are they all made in Nigeria? You buy imported wine that you can afford or cheap car that you can afford and you are smart, but yahoo boys buy more expensive versions of what you buy and you call them MUGUs? That level of hypocrisy is what irritates me.
    You say the yahoo boys are not giving back to the community but what has the community or the country as a whole given them? All your politians that steal your money, they don’t develop your community with it, then what reason does a yahoo boy who robbed a white man have in developing the community. Mr. Man have sense.
    Facts: bars, hotels, clubs, boutiques, electronic dealers, architects, builders, restaurants, malls etc all benefit from this so called yahoo boys and most of them will shut down if they didn’t exist.
    Yahoo has created more jobs for Nigerian youths than any other government in the country. It has reformed touts to gentlemen and dirty boys to frosh boys. Whether you like it or not, one of the reason the country is still safe is because the youths have a place to sink their minds, a place to find hope even in a country where no one cares.
    You think it’s easy? You think defrauding your colonial master and her cousins is easy? You think it’s an easy job? Do you know the sleepless nights they endure and the hardships? Then you open your mouth to talk such nonsense. Mr. Seun Kuti, you are not a wise man. The youths fend for themselves. Give them an accolade. The politians steal your money. Write about them, or better still sing about it, if you can even sing sef

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