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Beauty Tips: 5-minute office makeup tips to your aid

By Temitope Ojo

It is important for every working class lady to look her best without letting the stressful office responsibilities get the better of her. She needs makeup that will be her best friend and help in looking her best till the last working hour of the day. Here are a few quick and easy makeup tips to follow before you head to your office.


Choosing Foundation
While moist is quite an attractive choice, you should go with the matte finish foundation to look smashing and fresh all day. If you have acne-free skin with no visible dark circles, choose a foundation
that matches your skin tone to have a visibly fresh appearance. Use a nourishing moisturizer once you wash your face.


Want Rosy Cheeks
You work five days a week, and want your cheeks to show off its natural blush? Not quite possible! Try blush in natural rosy colour with shimmer on the lower side. Do not overdo with the colour as it can be a turn-off. An easy makeup tip that even the busiest office-goer can follow!

Pamper Your Lips
Yet another quick makeup tip to make you look smart at work is lipstick. While office etiquettes tell you to use minimal makeup, lipstick offers you the needed freedom at work. You can choose lipsticks that are nude or go for those with matte effect to look gorgeous and beautiful while you work. Go for hydrating lipsticks that last through the day and need a minimum touch up. You can try out tones like rose or pink to get natural lips. Also, you can go sheer. Avoid using dark tones such as red, earth, beige and taupe. A simple tip is to use a lipstick that matches your blush.


Let Your Eyes Speak
Eyes are the prime point of contact when you speak at work. Hence, make sure that they stay alive throughout the day with a good primer, foundation and concealer combo. If you have clear skin, then you wouldn’t need to hide anything with a concealer.

However, a quick and easy makeup tip for those of you with dark circles — use a good concealer and foundation that doesn’t wear off easily. Choose an eyeshadow that will bring your eyes alive. Go for colours like grey, taupe, bronze or brown. Try to stay away from glitters.

Eye Liner and Mascara
Another easy makeup tip for office is using liquid eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Some attractive options include grey and brown. Use a mascara that doesn’t smudge when you get tired and are likely to
rub your eyes. Smokey eyes are in. Need More? Makeup should make you look beautiful and confident. While at work, heavy makeup can be a sure turn-off and you would definitely not like to be that person.
Make sure to perfect your makeup techniques and be minimal in trying loud colours.

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