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Ebonyi govt explains why they stopped Flavour’s show

By Temitope Ojo

Special Adviser on Security to the Ebonyi State Government, Kenneth Ugballa, has explained that a show, music star, Flavour was to perform last Sunday was stopped for security reasons.
Ugballa, in a statement, lamented that the organisers did not make adequate preparations for security as they failed to notify the police.
He said, “The security of the state is in our hands. I called the Commissioner of Police and he said he was not informed. They didn’t write to any of the other security agencies in the state. They said they got permission from the CP of Lagos to come and do a show in Ebonyi.
“At the venue, there was no security presence. What they had was only six bouncers to maintain security of over 10, 000 persons at the venue. And the whole area was already charged before we came. We have already gathered that about three persons were already robbed of their phones and they called to complain.
“They held a similar show in Enugu, which was marred by several irregularities, and even allegations of rape. So we wanted to forestall a similar situation from happening here.
“Before that Enugu event, they wrote to government and security agencies which were present at the event and still there was a stampede and allegations of rape. Then imagine what would have happened in this case which didn’t have security presence.”

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