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Famous blogger, Lizzy Oke on wheelchair is expecting her first child!

By Patricia Uyeh

Famous Nigerian blogger, Lizzy Oke, who has been confined to a wheelchair following the accident she had back in 2008, has gotten past that phase as she is heavily pregnant with her first child.

The excited wife and mom-to-be made the announcement via her blog with lovely photos.
Read her post below:

“Hello world!

“As the saying goes, first comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, and then comes… a BABY!

“After months of keeping this great news to ourselves, we are very excited to share with you that we are expecting a baby!

Ya girl is pregnant, Spinal Cord Injury and all, and all the glory belongs to God.
“I have been enjoying all of the ups and not so “ups” that come with being pregnant and I truly only have God to praise. From missing my period, to our first at home pregnancy test, the first doctor’s appointment, the first ultrasound, first heartbeat, first flutters and kicks, up till the excitement of finding out our baby’s gender and my joy to start a baby registry, we have been on an all time


” As I type this, I’m thinking back to the nights my husband and I have spent just being in awe of this new life growing inside of me as a result of our love, and it’s still so surreal!
“I will have more videos on my Youtube channel detailing the pregnancy journey so far and going forward, but for now, enjoy this pregnancy announcement post and video below. Love y’all.”

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