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#FridayMotivation: Singer, Banky W tells fans to never give up on themselves

By Patricia Uyeh

It has not always been this rosy for ‘Blessing me’ crooner, Bankole Wellington aka Banky W. He was one of the guests at the ‘Live your dreams’ seminar where he shared his life experiences ; highlighting his challenges and how he became an overcomer. In his speech, he said that he was very broke as an upcoming artiste.

On Instagram, he shared clips from his speech at the seminar then wrote:

“When you get to that place.. when you feel like you’ve lost hope.. when depression sets in.. that is when you have to hold on a little longer. Hitting “Rock Bottom” can be a good thing because there’s nowhere else to go but UP. As long as you don’t die.. as long as there’s still breath in your lungs.. your life can still turn around. Things can and will get better. Believe in God and never EVER give up on yourself. Ever. I’m a testimony.

“PS: this isn’t the full story, but hopefully these clips help.. I’m very sorry about the poor audio in the hall, but someone out there probably needs to hear this.

“Remember: Rock Bottom has built wayyyy more champions than privilege. So if you’re there right now, don’t despair. Most of us started right where you are.”

Photo credit; Instagram@bankywellington

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