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How to survive in the fashion Industry- Yemi Osunkoya

By Patricia Uyeh

Knowing how to do bridal wear goes beyond sewing, it is an experience – Yemi Osunkoya, fashion designer
Yemi Osunkoya, is the brain behind foremost bridal wear, Kosibah. He has carved a niche for himself in the bridal industry with his exquisite and creative bridal wears.

He has also distinguished with his craft and remains one of the most soughted after fashion designers in the country and abroad.

He was one of the guest speakers at the masterclass of the just concluded Lagos Bridal Week 2018.

He spoke on the ‘Survivng the fashion Industry’.

He gave a brief background about himself of being in the fashion industry for 27years and studying Fine Arts even though he thought that he would be an architect.
Citing his major influencers as Karl Lagerfield, Givenchy and Christian Dior, he said that knowing how to make a wedding gown goes beyond cutting and sewing, it is actually an experience.
Yemi Osunkoya said that one major fears of his is not satisfying a client and that he felt it whenever the bride cried on her wedding day because of dissatisfaction with her wedding gown.
According to him, he learnt from such experiences to do better with other clients. He also pointed out that taking deposits from the on-sets so as to avoid disappointments.

He advised that fashion designers should get paid before taking any job so as to avoid any hitches.

Then, he stressed the importance of staying relevant and renewing oneself, getting the required skills and education, knowing and understanding your niche and going for apprenticeship. He also added the importance of setting up contact for any job and let it be signed by the parties involved.
Speaking on how he started from the scratch, the creative fashion designer said:
“You would make mistakes, what is important is learning from your mistake”
He also said:
“It is important to improve oneself. I am constantly thriving on how can I improve. And on how I get myself out of my comfort zone. For example I have just recently rebranded”
Speaking on the basic things to survive in the fashion industry, Yemi Osunkoya mentioned :
-Staying in your lane i.e. finding your niche
-Learning from your mistakes
-Staying relevant
Photo credit : Instagram@yemikosibah

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