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OAP Toolz set to launch lingerie for plus-sized women

By Temitope Ojo

Multi-award winning presenter, Tolu Oniru-Demuren, popularly known as Toolz, is set to launch a lingerie and shapewear brand for plus-size women Named Sablier, the launch is coming based on her personal experience with body image and finding self-esteem.



According to reports, Sablier is an inspirational brand for plus-size women trying to make a statement.
The brand represents confidence, female empowerment and self-expression, especially among plus-size women.

It is set to drive a message that promotes inclusivity and change the stereotypical perception of plus-size women. The multi-award winning presenter, talk show host, and assistant director of programmes at Beat FM, who has served as an inspiration for women – especially curvy ladies – will launch the brand on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

Since her return to Nigeria in 2009, Toolz has consistently dominated news headlines and social media trends, with conversations either covering her popular weekly radio show ‘Midday Show with Toolz’ or new photos on her social media pages generating controversy among critics about her body shape and size.

She had earlier stated in an interview that “Being in the public eye also had a big impact on my ‘acceptance journey’ to accepting her shape.

“I have been bashed and shamed about my body on so many occasions, I can’t even count. The first few times it happened, I was very hurt, because there was always so much venom behind the attacks, and I would be at home in tears thinking what did I do to anyone to warrant this?  Unfortunately, this comes with being in the public eye, and I soon managed to get thick skin.
On the positive side, as I got more popular I began getting messages from women who admired me for being one of a few plus size women in the public eye. I would get messages from young women who had
contemplated suicide because they looked different, and they were being bullied for that. They would write and say how seeing pictures of me boosted their confidence – making them accept themselves and
their bodies. These comments made me realize that my presence and visibility in the industry was having a positive impact on at least a few people.

My experience strengthened me and gave me a voice – one which I have decided to use in empowering and boosting the confidence of plus-size women like me – those who are currently in a physical and
psychological battle to accept their own bodies,” she said.

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