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#RelationshipTuesday: 3 ways to know if he loves you

By Patricia Uyeh

Love means different things to different people. It is quite broad and has been abused by many in relationships. Nevertheless, it is important to understand, that love exceeds feelings, it actually a decision and commitment.

So how can a woman tell when a man really loves her? Below are 3 ways a woman can know when a man really loves her:
1. He would be selfless i.e he would go out of his way for his woman. For example, If she is stuck on third mainland bridge, he would drive or get a cab to pick her up. In essence, she would be his priority and would sacrifice his comfort for her pleasure.
2. He would want to spend more time with his woman. No matter how busy he may be, he would still create time for his woman. He would also be looking forward to being in her company. It is not proper to fight for your space in a man’s life as a lady.
3. He would not be ashamed or afraid to profess love to you. If he genuinely loves you, he would tell you eyeball to eyeball without playing hanky panky or mind games.

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