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Wizkid’s third baby mama, Jada Pollock hails him amidst dead beat claims

By Rita Okoye

Wizkid’s third baby mama , Jada Pollock, has defended him by calling him an amazing dad.

You will recall that earlier this week his baby mamas decided to call him out on social media.

First was Shola Ogudu, the mother of his first son, who took to social media to give her self some accolades and threw what appears to be a shade at Wizkid.

Shola Ogudu wrote:“Being a Mom and a Dad and Still Manage to Slay all at once on a Legit Income!!! Please I need my accolades served chilled!!!! It’s very well deserved!!! I have alottt
to say.. I feel the need to call someone out soo baddd.. Like just blast our full REAL history for the public. Let the world know the Real Truth not the liesss this person has made the world believe. But God keeps patting me on the back saying I gotchu baby… So because of the fear of God In me I’ll save this person face.
And Leave this person to Karma to do what it does best…”

As if that was not enough, Wizkid’s second baby mama, Binta Diallo also revealed on Instagram that the singer has not paid child support for up to two years and has not bothered to show up for any of the kid’s birthdays nor placed a call through.

Interestingly, his third baby mama and US manager, Jada Pollock, has defended him by claiming he is an incredible dad to her son.

Jada Pollock : ‘Thank You’ For always being such an incredible Dad!!

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