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#RelationshipThursday: Why you should tell him your real age?

By Patricia Uyeh

As we all know, age is nothing but a number but it could be a big deal in relationships particularly for women. You find that no woman wants to told that she looks older than age. Women, who prefer to look younger, sometimes hide under the disguise that they should not disclose their age. Their reasons are not far-fetched.
However,these days, age is not a determinant of good marriage. A younger man can marry an older woman , take the case of the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Or the couple might follow the norm of the man being older and the woman younger or they could be of the same age.
Now, at the relationship stage, there are several reasons a man who is interested in a woman would want to know her age. These include;
1. Basically, he wants to know more about you, period! he is interested in you and wants more information about you, nothing more.
2. he wants to understand you better. A 22-year-old lady would behave differently from a 30-year-old woman. While one is more advanced , experienced and exposed, the other might be too naive. So the man just wants to know how to relate and reason with you based on your age.
3.He wants to know if you fit his kind of woman. A man in love would not dump a woman because she is older or too young. The lady’s age would not be the deal breaker and would not matter to him.

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