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Style Fairy set to launch the Soho Runway Show

By Rita Okoye

Style Fairy is set to host an exciting show and art exhibition that will showcase the beauty and cultural diversity of Africa. Tagged the “SOHO RUNWAY SHOW”, the event is scheduled to take place on the 30th of June 2018. This event will mainly showcase the beauty of the professional African woman.

The SOHO brand allows simplistic expression of stylish timeless pieces that suits the every woman’s uniqueness. Each piece has been tailored to comfortably fit into various event types using unique fabrics and it is targeted at catering for women of different age grades, sizes, religion and so on.

Expected to attend the showcase are fashion enthusiasts, top socialites and investors from around the country. Participants and attendees would be opportuned to explore business connections, networking opportunities and outright sales of fashion and style.

The SOHO Runway Show would be a hub for professionals and enlightened persons to grasp a glimpse of the future of fashion and style for women in the African space.

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