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Allure Features: Do you know your boots?

By Ebuka Uzonwanne

This is a guide to knowing your boots and how to style them.

Dress boots:

It’s associated with European hight fashion, but really anyone with class. You come off as a man of style, elegance and well presented but with a bit of edge.
Wear it with dress pants, skinny jeans and dark suits. Dress boots are generally a slimmer, tailored boots so they work well with slimmer clothes. Whenever you want to be the best dressed man in a room, put on a dress boot.

The Chelsea boot

Associated with 1960’s British fashion. It gives you the clean cut and stylish look yet appreciate comfort, Chelsea boots are as comfortable as the come. Wear it with a well cut suit for a classic look, wear it with a skinny jeans for a street style feel. This is the go to boot whenever you want to look sleek and cool.

The Desert Boot

Desert boots were a big part of the 90’s New York Hip Hop scene. It says you are arty and cool; you have casual street style with a smooth dressed up look. Desert boots can be worn as a nicer alternative to sneakers, whenever you would wear a sneakers, you can wear Desert boot. When you want to dress up without looking formal, this is your ideal pick.

The Chukka boots.

Chukka boots are associated with the British industrial scene. It says your style has edge. Wear it with dark jeans either tucked into the boots or bunched above it. When you want to look rough around the edges for a cool style, this is the boot for you.

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