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#AllureTips: How to care for your fingers

By Patricia Uyeh

One part of the body that needs alot of care are the fingers. If not properly taken care of, they become prone to aging and dryness.

Just like every other part of the body, the fingers should be well taken care of. You don’t want to give a handshake, friendly wave or work with cracked fingers.

Find below tips on how to take care of your fingers:

1. Always wash your fingers with a moisturising hand soap

2. Keep your nails clean with a nail brush

3. Trim your nails regularly and ensure they are well-shaped

4.Ensure you exfoliate your hands weekly

5. Go for mild hand creams instead of harsh products

6.Use products rich in Vitamin E which are very good for moisturising your nails.

7.If hands get cracked, treat with ointments such as petroleum jelly

8.Go a little extra and try out a hand mask

9. Also, use sunscreen on your hands, they would thank you always

10. To treat dark spots on your fingers, apply retinol treatment.

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