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#AllureTrends: Henna is redefining fashion

By Patricia Uyeh

The Henna trend, which has been popularized by Hausa weddings, has brides that are gorgeously dressed, have their bodies covered in intricate designs.
This henna trend(also called Lalle in Hausa) is fast becoming part of dressing. These days, it is as easy as it gets with DIY tips and videos on the internet. It is one outlet for expressing creativity and talent.
If you do not like tattoos, the henna trend would be a good substitute as it can last for 7 days. Besides, it is pocket-friendly; not as expensive as getting a tattoo.
This is the new ‘craze’ that could be done on your fingers, feet or belly. Fashionistas and celebrities are embracing it. It is not just ideal for weddings, birthdays,events, dinners, red carpets,any occasion at all, can accommodate this trend.
Henna trend has even gone global with Western celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Katy Perry embracing this unique fashion statement.
See some henna-inspired photos below:

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