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Fashion: The Socks Guide

By Ebuka Uzonwanne

Being a gentleman requires many things. One of them is attention to details.

Nothing about your outfit screams “I am an amateur” more than wearing white socks or short socks with your suits that expose your ankle because true gentlemen wear over-the-calf socks – always.

In today’s guide, we discuss everything you need to know about men’s dress socks, so you look your best while being comfortable

The golden rule of sock matching is to always match them with the pants/trousers, not your shoes!

If colors are similar but not exactly identical, the look is off. Instead, it pays to use a slightly contrasting color, or better yet a pattern.
1. Don’t wear bold, bright patterns with Black Tie or White Tie
2. Don’t wear athletic socks with business attire or formal wear.
3. Pair Socks With Your Outfit
4. Avoid ripped or Punctured Socks
6. Don’t Mix-And-Match Them

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