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Being FIFA Ambassador has been rewarding- VICTORIA LOPYREVA

By: Jemi Ekunkubor



She is a Brand Ambassador, Model, TV Presenter and Philanthropist. As a Philanthropist and Special Ambassador for UNAIDS, she has been actively involved in voluntary work for refugees.
She received a Medal for Brave Work for her service to popularisation of patriotism, culture and sport among Russian youth.


The TV Presenter is also involved in many social programmes and projects, which help those in need and also helps to develop sporting infrastructures.
Only recently, Victoria Lopyreva was chosen as the FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy Tour Ambassador, and has since been travelling the world to promote the famous competition. By this honour, she makes history as the first female ambassador of FIFA.


As the World Cup 2018 comes to a close today, Allure asked the screen beauty how she has carried on as FIFA Ambassador. Here is what she said.

What is life like as a FIFA Ambassador?
It has been incredible! I have had the opportunity to travel all around the world to promote the championship, encouraging football fans to visit Russia and to support their teams.

What’s the best part of being an Ambassador?
Being an ambassador is hard work, especially, if you take it as seriously as I do. Actually, it is even more rewarding than I imagined. This experience enables me to promote my two passions – my country and football. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola was a huge adventure.

What was it like to present the ball on the pitch at the World Cup opening match?

This is a moment in my life that I’ll cherish forever. I absorbed so much positive energy from all the people in the stadium, which went some way to compensating for my nervous energy. It was such a special occasion.

What challenges do you face as FIFA Ambassador?
In my role as FIFA Ambassador for the World Cup 2018 in Russia, I frequently call for greater investment into football, and have been recognised on numerous occasions for popularising the sport in my country. Just imagine how much stronger we could be. I admire our players for the inspiration they are giving on the pitch to a future generation, ideally this would be reinforced with more funding.
This year, the championship’s main message is: everyone is welcome. It is strengthened in cooperation with UNAIDS, where I am Special Ambassador.

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