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#MacronNigeria 15 Benefits of President Macron’s historic state visit to Nigeria

By Temitope Ojo

French President, Emmanuel Macron, is Nigeria on a two-day state visit.

During the visit, his programme includes a bilateral meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on issues bordering on insecurity, terrorism, commissioning of Alliance Francaise office in Ikoyi and visit Afrika Shrine in Ikeja, Lagos.

Nigeria stands to benefit a lot from the 40-year-old’s visit. Some of them are here highlighted:

The historic visit of French President Emmanuel Macron will go a long way to break any barriers between Nigeria and France as well as foster greater collaboration for economic, social and cultural growth.

It signals the dawn of a new era between France and Nigeria especially for the numerous talents that have made Lagos their home

Nigeria also stands to gain military assistance in the form of capacity building for our security agencies, as well as military hardware support from the French Government.

The commissioning of a new complex of the French cultural organisation, Alliance Francaise, will help to promote French language and culture more in Nigeria

As the first foreign President to officially visit the Afrika Shrine, this has further heightened the endorsement for the club-house founded by Fela.

Considering the number of international media and dignitaries who accompanied the French President to the place, this has placed the Shrine on the global map.

The visit has also boosted the tourism potential of Lagos State and Nigeria at large. It shows that Nigeria has something to offer the world, in terms of entertainment, culture, music, dance, and art.

This historic would also boost the positive image of the country’s culture, music, and arts before the outside world.

The visit helps confirm Nigeria’s position as the entertainment capital of Africa.

Before now, tourists visited the country due to oil, banking and business purposes. They will now begin to show interests in Nigeria’s culture which is a testimony of how far the nation has gone.

The visit would further help to reinforce the French support to Nigeria in the areas of security, trade and cultural ties.

President Macron is a young president and he is a president that believes so much in the youth. His interaction with youths at the Shrine and Tony Elumelu Foundation will help inspire the youths to aspire for greatness and to take active participation in politics.

His meeting with some of our creative industry proprietors will help to promote greater cultural ties, and we are hoping that his engagement with the creative sector of our country will further enhance French-Nigeria cooperation.

It would boost the Lagos State’s quest to become the culture and entertainment capital of Africa, as the State Government seeks to establish collaborations with France and play an integral part of the Year 2020 African Cultural Season in Paris as envisioned by President Macron.

Nigeria hopes to get more funding for the fight against terrorism presently ravaging the country and African countries and hopes for greater United Nations involvement financially in the process.

More investments are expected with the visit of Mr. Macron as France has been one of the big investors in the country,

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