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#RelationshipTuesday: 3 reasons men never ask you out

By Patricia Uyeh

Do you sometimes wonder why men appear to never ask you out? It could be as a result of the following;
1. You are not visible enough
This implies that you hardly go out. Perhaps, you are an introvert, you should try to make men ‘see’ you more often. Cut out the routine of work to home them to church. Attend social functions or events that make you put out your talent and get more noticed. Mind you, you are not advertising to ‘asked out’, rather you are only making your presence and talents felt to be wanted.
2. You emit negative vibes
You either repel or attract men by your aura and countenance. A cheerful person is always attractive. Stop frowning, also work on your body language and try to be more accommodating. Then you would make a good catch. Let it be positive vibes all the way!
3. You pay less attention to your appearance
Let us face it, men are visual beings. You should consider paying more attention to your appearance. Keep your hair tidy, dress neatly and smartly. Put on cologne. Wear make-up if it is your thing. You must not be completely vain but just look presentable and not too unkempt or needy for attention.

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