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Sexmatics: Frizzle to Sizzle


Most often, after wedlock and children, couples start to live as roommates, take each other for granted, get sunk down by a monotonous routine instead of the once- loving couple.

Couples tend to invest much into looking charming for each other when courting, and change after marriage; forgetting that love is constant and passion needs recharging every now and then.

No need for showing off or impressing others about your love for your spouse, keep it meaningful between the two of you. A relationship left on its own, cannot survive due to the indifference of the two persons concerned.

Your romantic needs have to be spiced up, less fight, more easier and enjoyable strong bond, these can be implemented by indulging in some creative tips to rump up the passion aspect of your marriage.
Be ready to do stuff you don’t normally love but, which your partner cherishes but doesn’t get to do regularly.

This way, you are telling him/her that his/her needs and desires are more important to you. It may not be every time but enough to let them know you care.

List those things you appreciate and most thankful for in your union, tuck them away in different corners of the house and then play a game like treasure hunt to find them. You can also play hide and seek and end the game in the bedroom.

Make plans for a mystery night that will be packed full of exciting surprises; building anticipation. When paired with romance, this usually increases sex drive and arousal.

With children, you need to make arrangement for weekends and present days worth of available date night out to show your spouse, prioritize your spending time alone together.

Recreate those key components of your first date, and communicate what you thought back then and you will be surprised at how much fun this will be.
Be silly together as couples.

Having fun and being playful brings to memory, the joy you share and the reason you chose each other in the first place. Move away from monotony activity, experiment, explore and discover something new about one another.
Regularly pay each other compliments.

Write loving adjectives about your spouse and text, email or whatsapp. Alternatively, whisper them one at a time throughout the day and week. The use of affirmative words are also to be encouraged.

Relive the days when you used to allow your significant part mix tape of all your favorite songs. Go the digital way by creating a romantic and fabulous playlist on their iPod or Smartphone so that as he or she listens to it, they will think of you.
Plan ahead a bedroom picnic with food enhancers, sex toys to delight each other with for desert.

Make main dish a special sexy dinner with ingredients that contain aphrodisiacs like oysters, tomatoes, pine nuts, spices and wine.

Construct homemade love coupons for your partner to ‘’cash in’’ whenever they choose to.

Finally, note that surprises are good when they are beneficial to both mates in wedlock. Let your spouse know you love them each and every day, as routine is a great enemy of passion.

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