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The Innovative Wedding Planners: Bisola Borha speaks on Superseding Clients expectations

Bisola Borha, popularly known as the Extraordinaire, is the boss of Trendy Bee Elite Events. Before founding Trendy Bee Elite Events officially in 2013, she worked briefly with Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas ( NLNG) – in the Human Resource department and Cotecna Destination Inspection Company – as an operational officer.

A product of Queen’s College, Lagos, she holds a degree in English Language as well as a diploma in Law all from the University of Lagos.
It was while working that she began to help out at weddings and other events from where she found her passion.

She later applied for an Event Masters Management course at the Wedding Institute in Washington DC with the aim of making her brand a signature event outfit.

Her Jaw-dropping creations have attracted clientele that stretches from Nigeria to London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, Las Vegas and Zanzibar.

She is a recipient of several awards includin Entrepreneur of the Year and Business in the 2017 Future Awards.

You left a plum job to go into event planning. What made you so sure this is what you should be doing?

The joy I derive while producing events on the side and the positive feedbacks I got, gave me confidence to go for what I had a passion for. I gave myself a target of a year to plan events as a side hustle while still working at my 9 to 5 job. This was to make sure I really wanted to venture into it full time. By the end of that year, I was happier doing my new found career in events planning, getting more offers to plan more events, and being called the event planner extraordinaire. I knew it was time to focus on it. When my full time job started to suffer, I knew it was time to let it go and to follow my passion.

You traveled abroad to learn about event planning. In what way is planning an event in Nigeria different from other countries where you have been to work?
Events in destination countries stand out because of the uniqueness of different locations, cultures and beliefs which I love to explore. While I enjoy planning events in Nigeria, I will say destination weddings service providers from experience, value time management more and understand the fact that time is money. These keep everyone on their toes in order to save costs and do more with agreed time scheduled.

You pride yourself in producing jaw-dropping moments. How do you achieve that?
Yes, I do. I do this by understanding the need and desires of the client while superseding their expectations.

What did you do to set yourself apart from the rest?
Most Event Planners are doing great in the industry. It is a developing sector, but through the challenges, I will say that what has helped me stand out, is staying focused on what I want my brand to represent regardless of norms.

What does planning a wedding entail?
Patience, humility, understanding the needs of the client vs getting value for money spent on the wedding.

In what way is planning a wedding different from other events?
Compared to other events category we plan, weddings are more intimate. It is like telling a love story to your guests. So how you interpret that, is dependent on your skill as an event producer / planner.
When planning a wedding, what are your expectations from clients?
To see me as their Events Fairy god mother, to be truthful about their wants vs available funds and then trust us to deliver.

What would a client do that will frustrate your efforts?

What excites you about Nigerian weddings?
The very diverse culture excites me.

What one important thing must be included in the planning to make a wedding tick?
Find out at our events.

How does it feel to be recognized internationally for what you do?
Great! I am grateful to all my mentors who have inspired me and believed in me in one way or the other. I am not where I want to be yet, but I am grateful about the positive impact I have made in the event industry in Nigeria and Africa after 5 years in the industry.
I proudly say nothing is impossible regarding how far I plan to stretch my delivery. I will keep aspiring higher. I feel amazing about being recognized and I would not let down those who have stood by me. Above all, I am grateful to God and My clients.

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