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Allure Sexmatic: How To Reawaken Sex After Abstinence

Often times, some people take the decision to stay off sex, this could be as a result of religious purposes, personal cleansing/ desire.

In all these, no one hardly thinks about how the side effects of sexual inactivity can affect the sexual organs, and the sexual lives they intend going back to after the period of celibacy.

Dr. Rachael Ross, a certified sexologist and a family physician, explains the effects of celibacy on the genitals. “Sometimes, your genitals go to sleep if it’s been a while.’’ she went on to say that “after periods of sexual inactivity, there tends to be a decrease in your sexual responsiveness .’’

Some women complain about a lack of sexual desire, vaginal dryness and inability to become aroused after experiencing extended period of abstinence. As for men, erections may be difficult to maintain when fresh out of celibacy, but this is normal according to this sexologist.

Anybody can decide to resume the act of love making at any age, and at any time as long as such a person is willing to invest a little time, patience, practice, and a little assistance if necessary. “Invest in condoms and water based lube” suggests Dr. Ross. ‘’The vagina may not be as moist as it used to be, and erections may not be as strong as before but, like anything, they both need a warm up first.’’

Research has it that, indulging in regular sex can aid your immune system, lower blood pressure, and act as stress buster. Apart from health benefits, it actually feels good when you get it right.

Most times, sexual intimacy just comes to an halt, perhaps months or even years, and some partners might notice a decline, or count the number of times it took place. This is more common than people think it to be. This is because it is always at the back of your mind even when you refuse to give it a thought.

Funny enough, there are intricate mix of issues why lovemaking stops. It is important you know, that this does not mean something is necessary wrong with you or your spouse. Though the longer you stay off, the more awkward and uncomfortable the feeling.

Ready to hook up after refraining from intercourse and it seems as if you don’t know what/where to start from. Just follow the tips below;

Build up your sexual desire: this actually starts for the ladies long before the act in the bedroom. Use desire to lat the foundation.

Begin with non sexual physical touch. You would observe that the long abstinence from sex, makes you avoid physical touch and consequently a passionate kiss. When you get back, you have to take one step at a time. No pressure, don’t force it and if possible, have a talk with your mate about it.

Admit the place of sexual intimacy in your life and make changes. Research has shown that there two key component to boosting passion in a relationship. Be a very good friend with your spouse and make sex a priority.

The second key might not be important to you but, if it is important to your partner, then, it’s important to your union. Copulation can aid your closeness because of the hormones that it helps you to release, which help in bonding and connecting you with your mate.

To make sex comfortable when ready to go all the way, begin with foreplay. This helps stimulate natural lubrication; also, try water-based lubricant such as KY jelly and if sex remains painful, ask your doctor for vaginal estrogen therapy available as cream, tablet, ring or other treatment options.

Experiment and explore with new sex positions/styles, to find what feels best and most comfortable. For partners concerned about getting back into love making after celibacy, tantric sex can help in reacquainting intimacy, waking up the genitals and rekindling sexual desire.
Do appreciate your spouse even when you are not having intercourse, as your significant part may feel unloved and undesired.

Complimenting your mate helps them feel loved and wanted. This will help your spouse understand your sexual feelings and thereby, contributing to more harmony and ease between you two.

Invest in quality time with your spouse. After abstaining from sex, it is likely you might have disconnected from your spouse sexually. As well as not spending as much time with each other as you used to: thus, getting physically close should be a priority and this can easily swim into the bedroom.

Bear in mind that reestablishing your emotional connection will be easier with your partner’s support. So starting afresh after a decline in sexual activity, is not an easy job but, it is very possible. Most times, the first step is always the hardest but you can take it with the aid of your partner.

Just note that there is more to sex than copulating. Acts such as talking, touching and kissing, can help to promote intimacy resulting in sexual fulfillment.

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