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Why young marriages crash easily- Damilola Adegbite

Nollywood actress, Damilola Adegbite has indirectly revealed why some young marriages never survive the test of time.

This, she attributed to the fact that some men are intentionally out there to hurt women who are in a romantic relationship with them.

The mother of one revealed that she doesn’t feel bad for men who feel the heat in their marriage or relationships, after they had broken the heart of one or two of those who loved them dearly.

“Broken hearts are everywhere. Some men are wicked. They can continue. Some of the girls they are hurting are witches, soon they will carry their names to their meetings.

Some men think they can toy with women’s emotions. What goes around comes around. Karma will soon come for you. When you watch Yoruba movies and people are having issues, they will tell them to go and look for who they offended. Where will you start from? Sometimes I don’t feel sorry for some men when I hear women are emotionally or physically dealing with them. You are the ones creating monsters.”

Damilola whose marriage to actor, Chris Attoh, crashed two years after a glamorous wedding, also advised that if her statement sounds like music to any guilty listener, they should turn up the volume.

“If the shoe fits, please feel free to wear it. And catwalk in it if you like. And to my sisters, If he’s making you cry more than he’s making you laugh. Please carry your bags and leave! Protect your sanity,” he pleaded.

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