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Yomi Awoyemi clocks 40, launches new designs to mark anniversary

Today, Sunday, August 19, Yomi Awoyemi, the Creative Director of Yormages Concepts a leading fashion brand in Gbagada, Lagos is in a double celebration mood.

His company clocked 10 at the same time he clinches the 40 years milestone.

As part if the celebration, the fashion designer unleashed various designs with a 20 percent discount for his customers.

The journey through life wasn’t altogether easy and smooth sailing for Yomi.

According to him, the 10-year milestone for his company would not have come to pass if he was as foolish as not to make hay while the sun was still shinning.

At a point, he admits, he deviated from the established fashion brand he struggled to build from scratch, to dabble into courier service.

“The saving grace was that my partner pulled out and that was a wakeup call for me that it was not going to work and I patched it up until I was able to recoup my investment and I bailed out. I went back to what I knew how to do best, my fashion business. In the last 10 years, I have been able to launch five signature designs and have been able to sew for top politicians and clergies. The betrayal has always been there including the failed relationships before my wife came along,” he stated.

Speaking on his set goals at 40, Awoyemi assured that he wants to be more impacting to the society.

“I’m going to move into politics and philanthropy. The country needs to be inspired by someone who has seen it all in this country. At my level, out of nothing, I have built a business line that has endured this long,” he assured.

Yomi, a graduate of University of Ilorin, is the fourth among six children and the first in the family to attend a university, grew on the street of Ibadan, hawking water and drinks to augment the family’s purse, adding that there was never a time he enjoyed any form of mentorship as a teenager and even when he was an apprentice air conditioner repairer.

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